Punch Communications Establishes Tech PR Credentials

LONDON, UK (RPRN) 5/26/2009–PR Agency Punch Communications are a company dedicated to growing within public relations alongside modern trends and practices, as it looks to show its experience and expertise in the new digital era that is upon us.

Punch Communications is one of the leading PR agencies in the UK, and is highly proficient in the emerging field of ‘Digital Public Relations‘- or ‘ePR’. Through a deep understanding of the internet, the Punch team not only offers a range of services online and offline to web-based clients, but also offers extensive web-based services to all clients, using the emerging technologies of the internet to extend the value of traditional PR campaigns in a cost effective way.

Punch has had significant success in the area of search engine optimisation (SEO), with its efforts helping them to achieve leading ranks in Google searches for several keywords, which has become a major influence on winning new clients and new business. Unlike many other businesses which tend to portray SEO as a dark art, Punch has the ability to cost-effectively integrate SEO into campaigns, thereby ensuring that each campaign is generating the greatest actual benefit for each customer.

As well as this, the company’s expertise in social media and blogging allows Punch to offer a cutting edge in its PR offerings. Punch believes that the industry is constantly changing and, via its team of social media evangelists, is able to offer customers its contacts and expertise in the new areas that develop, either as a method of complementing existing PR activity, or as a unique project itself.

Along with a growing client list, Punch is also experiencing internal growth, and with an increasing amount of work will be offering opportunities for PR job to various candidates of different levels of experience. If you are interested in applying for a job at Punch, visit www.punchcomms.com, or call 01858 411 600

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