Private Jet Industry Growing Amidst Fuel Prices; Lack Of Hospitality Sparks Change

www.theEarlyAirWay.comLos Angeles, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) July 25, 2008 — With the increasing instability, inconveniences, and shrinking schedules associated with commercial air travel, more and more people have been turning to private aviation. Private Jet travel is in fact the fastest growing segment of aviation today. The benefits are apparent; they include but are not limited to the ability to fly in/out of thousands of local municipal airports, the absence of security lines (or lines of any sort), and the ability to tailor a flexible flight schedule to ones’ own needs.

Alex M. Early explains that his private jet company, The Early Air Way, LLC is thriving today in part because of the fresh demand for private air charter, but also because of a purported lack of quality amongst the ‘big name’ competition. Early formerly worked for a Los Angeles based jet operator that provided flight for many of the big name private jet brokers. “The big name companies mark up wholesale flight costs excessively, and provide next to nothing in terms of a hospitality edge,” explains Early. “I found the fact that someone could charter a jet for five-figures only to receive service and amenities at par to short haul commercial first class was ridiculous,” Early continues.

The Early Air Way established itself as a private jet charter operator that would not only charge less for its flights than all of its big name competitors, but would also provide luxury amenities such as gourmet catering from local celebrity restaurants, luxury skin care products, and unmatched one-on-one hospitality and logistics management for each and every flight through an in-house “hospitality team”… all au gratis.

Within one year of offering charter flights, The Early Air Way has taken customers from nearly every large private jet company, and has earned rights to provide flights directly to multiple Las Vegas casinos. “They chose us because of our proven unmatched hospitality and product,” Early explains.

The Early Air Way, LLC was founded in 2005 out of a New York University dorm room by Alex Early, a private pilot, and hospitality guru. “The mere fact that we, as a young start-up, managed to gain success in such a high-strung business in the midst of our established competition further affirms our wholehearted belief that the industry is flawed, and we really do it better,” Early states.

The Early Air Way also has an on-site commercial airline expert, Matthew Stagg. Stagg formerly worked for multiple US legacy carriers and assists clients of The Early Air Way with commercial travel insider tips.

Early, Stagg, and the whole team can be visited at the company’s website,, or called at (800) 783-2970.


The Early Air Way, LLC
(800) 783-2970

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