Pollution Solution:New Biofuel Technology takes guesswork out of driving green and saving green

filter-housing-3-d-diagram.jpgPollution Solution: New Biofuel Technology takes guesswork out of driving green and saving green


Mahopac, NY, (rushprnews) 02/21/2007 -  V.O. Tech, LLC, is rolling out the first vegetable oil conversion system for diesel cars and trucks that takes the uncertainty and guesswork out of running these engines on the renewable fuels that they were originally designed to use.  Skyrocketing prices of petroleum-based fuels have made alternative fuel choices more attractive.  At the same time, concerns over environmental issues have spurred a whole new industry – cars that run on alternative fuels. 

Unlike problematic conversion kits from the past, frequently home-grown contraptions assembled from plumbing parts, V.O. Tech’s Walter Little developed a sophisticated new system now being manufactured specifically for diesel engine conversions.  Mr. Little’s clever design accomplishes all functions in one place which dramatically increases efficiency.

At the heart of this new system, the “Geo” (patent pending), is an all-in-one multi-function heating and filtering device that ensures fuel enters the engine at the correct temperature – the most important problem many older systems faced.  The V.O. Tech system also includes a heated fuel tank, insulated fuel lines and is simple enough for anyone to use.  The new system will let an engine operate with recycled cooking oil, new vegetable oil, traditional diesel fuel or blends – all at the choice of the driver! 

Jon Bernz

V.O. Tech, LLC






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