PETA Nudges Iconic Chicken Chain off the Vegetarian Blacklist

KFCKFC now offers meatless chicken sandwick – all the taste without the cholesterol or cruelty

TORONTO, CANADA (RUSHPRNEWS) 09/16/200800–The growing number of travelers in Canada who are demanding healthy, humane, and delicious meatless dishes just got a major windfall from an unlikely benefactor–namely KFC. That’s because most KFCs in Canada have just introduced a delicious faux-chicken option called the Classic Vegetarian Sandwich, which has all the flavor and texture of chicken but none of the cruelty and cholesterol.
In addition, all chickens killed for the Canadian KFCs will now benefit from a new animal welfare plan. As a result, PETA called off its headline-grabbing five-year campaign against KFCs in Canada. Now, PETA has embarked on an unprecedented advertising campaign to promote the Classic Vegetarian Sandwich from Québec to British Columbia.

The new Classic Vegetarian Sandwich at most KFCs in Canada and PETA’s all-out support for a former arch-enemy would make an interesting feature in your magazine.

The new offering is available at 461 locations across Canada (65 percent of the country’s KFC restaurants), and in order to help steer Canadians and visitors to Canada to try the delicious faux-chicken sandwich, PETA is renting flashy billboards in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Ottawa through the fall. The billboards will feature two chickens standing in front of a KFC bucket with the tagline “What the Cluck? Vegetarian Chicken! New at Select KFCs.”

“You have to taste the new Classic Vegetarian Sandwich to believe just how delicious it is,” says PETA campaigner Nicole Matthews, who has organized Classic Vegetarian Sandwich giveaways at KFC restaurants across Canada. “It makes you wonder exactly what the other KFCs in the U.S. and elsewhere are waiting for.”

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