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Chicago, IL (RUSHPRNEWS) July 30, 2008 — ORGIT Software Corporation launched its brand new Web-service today. ( provides pet families and pet businesses with access to Petcare Software, a specialized database application that helps users manage and organize all of their pets’ important information online. Petcare Software is a comprehensive online solution that is very easy to use. Pet lovers can maintain individual pet profiles for one or many pets.
Key categories include: pet health records (, pet identity data, missing pet alerts, an integrated pet contact manager and much more. There are over fifty (50) detailed sub-categories in eleven (11) categories. Navigation is quickly learned through a few intro pages and the FAQ section on the Web site.
The web-service delivery model is powerful because the site can be accessed from a browser. It is not limited to use on a single computer, like traditional software products that are typically downloaded or manually installed. The Web-version is similar in look, feel and functionality to the award-winning Petcare Software CD, which was released in early 2004.
A user can grant any number of trusted sources with online access to view or edit pet profiles in their account by pet name/ID. This access may be helpful information for; veterinarians, groomers, sitters, hotels, friends, family, shelters, etc. A user may also grant viewing or editing privileges to multiple users simultaneously. The user maintains the power to manage their individual account for basic account security. Users create their own password which is encrypted by the ( Web service. The user can change their password at anytime while their account is active. More conservative users can save Reports and Checklists in their personal document files that can be emailed or printed at anytime.
“A large and growing number of global consumers are now comfortable with the delivery of music, movies and other goods and services available through the internet,” states Mike Toth, founder of ORGIT. Mike went on to comment, “Traditional software companies and internet-based technology companies are beginning to deliver world-class applications via the web. ORGIT is proud to be in the tall grass with these big dogs to deliver this leading-edge solution for pets and pet lovers everywhere.”
Becoming a user is easy. Free Trial users only need to provide a valid email address to open an account and test drive the online service. Annual subscriptions are also available for a nominal fee.
About ORGIT Software Corporation:

ORGIT Software Corporation is a leader in Life Asset Management Solutions (LAMS). ORGIT provides free and fee-based online web services and sells user-friendly CD software for consumers and business-class users. ORGIT is a privately held corporation based in Downers Grove, IL.
PETCARE, PETCARE (and design), and FOR OWNERS WHO CARE are trademarks and service marks of Tothman, Inc. ORGIT Software Corporation is a licensee of the web service and Petcare Software from Tothman Inc. ORGIT is authorized to utilize the PETCARE and FOR OWNERS WHO CARE marks. ORGIT is a service mark owned by ORGIT Software Corporation.
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