Penny Stock Pro Demystifies Penny Stock Investments With his Weekly Picks

Penny stock pro demystifies investments with his weekly picks 
Peter Leeds, the people’s investor, explains in his newsletter the “do’s and don’ts” of buying penny stocks 

New York, NY (rushprnews) July 16, 2007-Peter Leeds, the CEO of peterleeds.coman online financial source and newsletter, stated during an interview to financial reporter Anne Le Baron Block that “95% of stocks for sale are dangerous and that actually only 5% are of value and worth buying. “According to Leeds,” penny stocks are a beast of their own and do not follow the rules of blue chip equity.”   

Case-in-point, even finding a clear definition of what is a penny stock can be tricky. Some investors call any stocks under $5 a penny stock while others strictly adhere to the classic definition of stock that typically sells for less than $1 per share and is issued by companies with a short or erratic history of revenues and earnings. has been called by VICI magazine “North America’s leading source of penny stock picks and market research, catering to one of the industry’s largest paid subscribers lists.”  

 These variables are making it difficult for the potential buyers who are in dire need of guidance and direction to successfully navigate the financial current, which explain in part the growing number of subscribers to newsletter.   The newsletter, with 12,000 subscribers is presently the largest paid subscribers list with one of the highest renewal rate in the industry and has proven itself to be an efficient tool for investors.

 The other appeal is clearly Peter Leeds, the unassuming and down-to-earth CEO and book author who is widely known in the industry as the Penny Stocks Pro, a reputation built on giving clear and informed financial guidance based on years of investing in penny stocks, a passion that started at the young age of fourteen when he invested and lost the hard-earned sum of $3,800.  

From this modest beginning, Leeds learned by mistake and developed  Leeds Analysis, a proprietary system of analysis which enables him to pick winners in the penny stock market and make suggestions in his newsletter.   In the process of amassing a seven figure fortune, Leeds has helped thousands of others achieve their dreams of greater wealth by subscribing to the newsletter.

 “We have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the stock market because of your wonderful leadership and your awesome perspective.”
— Jamil King, Fort Worth, TX

Leeds warns investors against the pitfalls of penny stock investing; he has a special word of caution against email scams that basically “pump and dump” stocks benefitting only the sender.  To maintain high ethical standards and ensure no “pump and dump” practice aboard his team, Leeds and his entire staff refrain from buying  stocks recommended in his weekly picks.   

Leeds looks for well-organized companies with solid financial backing, “Securing financing is not enough and who is at the helm of a company will greatly determine its direction” stated Leeds.  Other characteristics  of a good penny stocks are a  low debt load, improved revenues, good book value and  technology and/or a valuable product to bring to market .  

To find out more about Peter Leeds’ services and to secure an interview with him or to speak with one of his subscriber, contact Leeds’ publicist Anne Howard at 310-295-9578 in LA, or in Canada at  514-523-3771.  You may also write Anne at .

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