seniors for obamaObama campaigns launches a Seniors for Obama webpage

CHICAGO, IL (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 23, 2008–The Obama campaign is excited to launch its Seniors for Obama webpage today. Barack Obama’s campaign to bring real change to Washington has often been discussed in the media as a cause of young people. But Barack knows that seniors today are facing real issues – from the difficulties of living on a fixed income with the rising cost of living to getting the quality healthcare they deserve.

Seniors across the country have come together to declare their support for Barack and volunteer their time help elect him president.

The Seniors for Obama launch began with a series of “Seniors Talking to Seniors” events across the nation. The events kicked off in Minnesota on August 15th, where former Vice President Walter Mondale and Congressman Keith Ellison led seniors in discussions of Social Security, strengthening retirement savings, and making affordable healthcare available to seniors.  

“One of the big battlegrounds in this country in this campaign is how seniors are going to vote,” said former Vice President Walter Mondale.

As the United States celebrates the 73rd anniversary of Social Security, the Obama campaign has launched a “Just Say No To Privatization” program where Americans across the country gather to discuss the burdens families would face without Social Security. The Wall Street Journal reports that a recent report from the Institute for America’s Future, a non-profit think tank, showed that Social Security privatization would make 8.6 million senior citizens vulnerable to poverty. Seniors met from Maine to Nebraska, Colorado to New Mexico, to discuss this election’s impact on Social Security.

Senator Obama has announced a tax plan to help seniors struggling on a fixed income. His plan would exempt seniors making less than $50,000 per year from paying any income tax.  Learn more about the Obama plan for seniors here and read the full report.

If you’re a senior American for Obama, visit our new Seniors for Obama page. You can learn where Barack stands on senior issues, join Seniors for Obama, meet other supporters, and keep up to date with what you can do to impact this campaign for change.

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