Michigan Father Prevented From Seeing His Kids Files Lawsuit Against Police Department and Social Agencies

lawsuitFederal Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against Troy, MI Police Department and Care House – Hearing 8-28-08
U.S. Federal Judge Gerald E. Rosen Asked to Put a Halt to Injustice

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN (RUSHPRNEWS) August 27, 2008 — U.S. Federal Judge Gerald E. Rosen has been asked to put an end to the unlawful collusion amongst a police department, social agency and mother that has prevented a father from seeing his children for almost five years now.
The lawsuit (case 06-15202) in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan charges the civil rights of father Jerry Molnar were violated by Troy Police, Troy Detective Janice Pokely, Care House, Care House Manager Amy Allen, and his former wife Renee Molnar.

Judge Rosen will begin to hear oral arguments presented at an August 28, 2008 hearing.

After a divorce in 1998, Renee Molnar made 11 false allegations against her ex-husband, all of which were investigated and found unsubstantiated by the Family Independence Agency.

In a continuing vendetta, the ex-wife pursued criminal charges against Jerry Molnar who was acquitted in 2005 by a unanimous verdict after an hour’s deliberation.

The lawsuit specifies:

· Detective Pokely refused to subject the false claims of sexual abuse to alternative hypotheses for investigation. In fact, during her testimony, she stated that she didn’t even conduct an investigation.
· Amy Allen’s unethical interviewing techniques brainwashed Jerry Molnar’s daughter to testify against him.

· Care House gave the daughter “therapy” to be prepped for trial, a fact kept secret from Jerry Molnar and his attorneys despite two subpoenas.

· Amy Allen did not videotape or audiotape interviews in violation of state guidelines

· Allen and Pokely refused to consider Renee Molnar’s long history of making false accusations

· Allen, Pokely and Renee Molnar conspired to violate the law and violate Jerry Molnar’s constitutional rights.

· Pokely refused to consider exculpatory evidence given to her by Mr. Molnar that should have prevented her from going forward.

“Tragically Renee Molnar conspired with Detective Janice Pokely and Amy Allen of Care House to keep Jerry Molnar from seeing his children,” says defense attorney Demosthenes Lorandos of Ann Arbor. “The actions taken against my client, Jerry Molnar, are a classic example of police and family caseworkers blindly misreading the very clear signs that Renee Molnar has conducted a deliberate and persistent campaign against my client, causing his children, without justification, to turn against him.”

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