Reveals Top 10 Most Affordable Cities for Dating; Pittsburgh Tops the List

DALLAS (RPRN) 8/18/2009– With contradictory economic news coming out each day leaving Americans counting every penny, has found that there are still plenty of cities around the country where a romantic night out won’t break the bank.

Pittsburgh tops this year’s list with a casual dinner and two movie tickets costing $77.80. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the same date in the most expensive city on the list, Los Angeles, comes in at $126.06.

The following list uncovers the top 10 most affordable cities for dating in the United States based on research conducted by

1. Pittsburgh – Dating is a steal in the Steel City.
2. Detroit – A night at the drive-in in the Motor City won’t break the bank.
3. Sacramento, Calif. – When it comes to cheap dates this place is the capital.
4. Phoenix – The desert heat won’t dry up your bank account.
5. Indianapolis – The Indy 500 isn’t the only thing that gets hearts racing in Indianapolis.
6. St. Louis, Mo. – The Gateway to love doesn’t have to be expensive in St. Louis.
7. Tampa – St. Petersburg, Fla. – With such cheap date prices, residents practically live like buccaneers in this Florida city.
8. Orlando – Daytona Beach, Fla. – Another reason this is the “happiest place on Earth:” romantic dates that won’t deplete your checking account.
9. Houston – Everything is big in this Texas city, except the cost of dating.
10. Charlotte, N.C. – Guys in North Carolina have a lot to smile about –Southern belles and inexpensive dates.

Extended List 11-25

11. Atlanta
12. Denver
13. Cleveland
14. Miami
15. Portland, Ore.
16. Minneapolis – St. Paul
17. Seattle
18. Philadelphia
19. Boston
20. Dallas – Fort Worth
21. Washington, D.C.
22. Chicago
23. New York
24. San Francisco
25. Los Angeles tips for recession proof dating:

  1. Make a good impression-ism: Most museums offer free admission one night a week.
  2. Find each other’s chi: Many fitness centers and yoga studios offer intro classes giving first timers the chance to find each other’s chi absolutely free of charge.
  3. Have an Earth date: Invite your date to volunteer at a local park cleanup and contribute to the earth and your love life at the same time.
  4. Read between the lines – go to a bookstore: Bookstores are often hosts to authors from around the world, celebrities and sports heroes, making your local bookstore the most interesting free venue in town.
  5. Get your game on: One of the best ways to get the pheromones flying is with a little friendly competition, so grab a roll of quarters and hit the local arcade.


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