Lohan Hopes playing it Nude will put her in Oscar Class

LINDSEY AT THE BEACHHollywood TodayLohan Hopes playing it Nude will put her in Oscar Class
Lindsey Lohan says sex scene needed on path to Academy honors
By Anne Howard for Hollywood Today

HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushprnews)May 12, 2007— Lindsey Lohan portraying a stripper may have raised David Letterman’s blood pressure last night on his TV show, but he would have had a cardiac arrest if she told him her new movie also has her first full sex scene in it.
She hopes by shedding her clothes she will shed her party girl reputation in exchange for serious actor stripes. In the dark thriller “I Know Who Killed Me” to be released on July 27 “I play my first sex scene in it,” she said in an earlier interview,” which I always said I wouldn’t do.

After being told she would play a stripper and had taken pole dancing lessons, Letterman “You’re just gonna kill me, you know I have a heart condition. You’re just gonna kill me.” She added “you’re going to see a lot of me in the film.”

She plays a kidnapped and brutally tortured stripper who as a result of her ordeal suffers great trauma, and develops split-personality syndrome. Contrary to her previous ban on having sex on screen, she decided it was time to take up more grown-up roles and this film warranted it. “I don’t think there has been a role for an actress like this movie was for me in so long.”

Lohan was in rehab at the Wonderland rehab center in Beverly Hills, California during part of the shoot, and was allowed to go to the downtown L.A. set during the day. Perhaps the rehab gave her some insight into split personalities, often experienced by alcoholics and other abusers. In fact the film may have been part of the reason she checked into rehab. Insiders say there were concerns that if untreated, her problems could become the film’s problem. An extra insurance premium was required from producers after her bad behavior during the filming of “Georgia Rule,” opening this weekend, got her publically admonished by the studio.

Lohan hopes that this film will take her to the next level and put her in the Sean Penn category of bad boy/girl turned serious thespian and Academy Award winner. “I want to win an Oscar.” Lohan adds, and “I want to be known for more than being the ‘party girl.’ ” We all know how good she is for generating heat in the press, now it is up to her to prove if she can generate steam on the screen.
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