Liquor Tycoon Ray Tye Helps Iraqi Baby

Ray Tye A Nice Guyby Paul Pearce in world

NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS)AUGUST 14, 2008–Liquor tycoon Ray Tye has helped an Iraqi baby who had a 12 pound tumor. When the boy, Safa, arrived in Jordan to deal with the tumor, it looked as if it would be impossible to treat him due to the immense size it had reached.Ray Tye, along with his wife Eileen, run the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation. The motto for their foundation is “We will never stop caring,” and in the case of Safa, it turned out to be true.
Their foundation paid for Safa’s trip to Jordan. They planned on sending him, even though doctors there thought his prognosis for recovery was poor.

“The mission is to bring people to hospitals who have life-threatening problems and don’t have money. I don’t care where they come from,” Tye says

In the case of Safa, it appears that Tye’s generosity has made a huge difference. After a 5 hour surgery, doctors pronounced the tumor removed and they expect Safa to be okay.

“This is such a happy occasion. You brought happiness into the hearts of parents,” said the boy’s elated father.

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