Life Makeover for Family in Dire Need of Changes

FUNFIT'S FAMILYLife Makeover for Family in Dire Need of Changes
Celia Kibler, Founder of Funfit and a Fitness Maverick Offers Tips and Advice

WASHINGTON, DC (RUSHPRNEWS) November 6, 2007- Celia Kibler, the founder of Funfit, is a nationally recognized childhood fitness maverick and childhood obesity expert who believes that the American family must change NOW and TOGETHER to live well and prosper. Her original, all-inclusive family fitness programming includes fitness classes for kids that are participating with their parents, ranging from aerobics to yoga to martial arts, as well as safe, circuit training plus lifestyle modification and nutritional advice. Celia is sounding the alarm and offers tips and advice to families in need of a life makeover.

Celia Kibler and Funfit KidsCelia believes in keeping it simple. She states that playing with your children doesn’t require any skill or start-up costs. “You don’t have to be good at anything to play tag,” Celia told the Washington Times. “People forget that you’re never too old to be a kid. Playing with your children — there’s no greater joy.”

Family Makeover Tips from Celia Kibler

Here are a few suggestions that can help out today’s busy families:

Problems facing families today

1. Time management

2. Financial stress

3. Daily stress of school and work

4. Health concerns – fitness, nutrition, wellness

5. Kids with ADD/ADHD and other special needs

Remedies for these common problems

Funfit offers many ideas to bring the family together and regain the enjoyment of each other. Getting back to basics is a great way to start.

Family meal time:

1. Plan your meals together

2. Shop together

3. Prepare meals together

4. Enjoy meals together

5. Choose and discuss healthy options

Family play time:

1. Go to parks & public recreation areas

2. Play catch and games in your own backyard

3. Bike rides

4. Hiking

5. After dinner family walks

6. Yoga games for kids which has been proven to diminish the symptoms of ADD/ADHD & many other special needs


1. Increased conversation with family members

2. Relax from the hectic day, together as a family

4. Feel great as you get you and your children in shape

5. Endless healthy physical and mental benefits

7. Decreased medical expenses

8. Enjoy each other’s company by rediscovering what it is you like about each other

9. Have FUN together as a family

Celia has been featured on Fox News, AP, Washington Times and countless other major media outlets and would be a great resource to your families in need of a healthy makeover.

You may contact Celia’s publicist Anne Howard, at either at 310-295-9578, and also by writing at I really hope that you will take advantage of her wealth of knowledge, which shared could bring greater quality of life to millions nationwide.

You may visit Celia’s website at


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