Is Cosmetic Surgery More Affordable Now?


Austin, Texas, (RUSHPRNEWS) 09/22/2008The popularity of Cosmetic surgery and other elective procedures has growing in popularity in the U.S. by leaps and bounds.  However as the new economic environment is changing are less of us able to afford it?  More creative venues are being developed to the patient to make their dreams become a reality.  Whether it is plastic surgery (such as a breast augmentation. or a tummy tuck), fertility treatments (such as in-vitro fertilization), or even cosmetic dentistry no-collateral lending is becoming part of the mix.

 One company in particular, Patient Finance Company, exists to provide competitive lending for all types of elective (and even acute) health care needs throughout the US.  They have other competitors, but they provide the service with a very unique and refreshing approach.  Especially in these days of corporate greed and absent responsibility to Joe and Jane Q. Public.


In addition to providing highly competitive loans by working with multiple lenders, a wonderful feature that is so unique to Patient Finance Company is its focus to also provide education to their clients searching for an “improved self”. 


This is particularly evident on the feature on their website” How to Choose a Qualified Physician”.   “We feel committed to provide client education along with providing a patient lending service”, says company representative J. Zimmerman. 


Also unlike the majority of other medical lending services Patient Finance Company (found on the web under markets directly to the potential patient.  Other lending services approach the doctors with their products, and leave it up to the office personal to inform the patient, or not?


“Many times people just don’t think they can afford the procedure, whether it is a desire to improve their appearance or to begin fertility treatments to reach the fulfillment of a goal that a couple may feel is missing from their lives.  But by marketing our services directly to the general public we cut out the middle man, and we put the patient in charge.  Now when they schedule an appointment with a doctor they are entering that consultation from a place of power.  And the doctor knowing that the patient they are seeing is pre-approved really can assure that office is doing its best to help the patient.   We think we offer a degree of empowerment to our clients.” says Ms. Zimmerman.


“Although the desire for self-improvement procedures has greatly grown in the past 5 to 7 years, many times a client will just not know where to start. Such issues as how to find the right doctor can be quite intimidating, so if we can help with that, we should!  We see our role as a personal assistant throughout the process, not just as a separate piece of the puzzle that the potential patient needs to put together.  By approaching the public directly with our services, we let the potential patient know that not only can they afford this by getting pre-approved, but that they are seeing the right person to do their procedure.  Simply put, we see our clients become more confident and secure with the process. We see ourselves as offering the prospective patient the tools to take that step that they may have felt they could not afford, or know who to go see.” says Ms. Zimmerman.


“Knowledge is power, and when a company propagates knowledge to their customers, along with strong commitment for service they earn the loyalty and respect that all the marketing dollars in the world could not bring.” says an enthusiastic J. Zimmerman  


Also of note, is that Patient Finance Company works with multiple medical services lenders to offer the most competitive rates.  This is also unlike many other companies that are single lender services. 


The philosophy at Patient Finance Company is to view the potential patient as the driver of the cosmetic and elective medicine industry.  “The customer is number one, and our role is to assure a holistic assistance throughout the whole process.”



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