India’s Moon Mission Sparks American Interest in Doing Business with India

Doing Business in 21st Century India, Book CoverNo-charge Webinars on ‘Business with India’ Thursday, October 30

Los Angeles,CA(RushPRNews)10/22/08– The American instruments aboard India’s lunar mission which launched this week, and the US-India civilian nuclear energy deal earlier this month, have sparked accelerated interest in doing business with India.  To address this interest, two informative webinars on ‘Business with India’ will be conducted by Gunjan Bagla, author of New York Times and Los Angeles Times acclaimed book, ‘Doing Business in 21st Century India’, on Thursday, October 30, 2008.

“American exports to India accelerated by 73%  in 2007, but that’s just the beginning,” says India expert Gunjan Bagla of Amritt Inc., based in Los Angeles. Amritt serves clients in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe who want to learn the secrets of doing business successfully in India. “Today, India is among the top 20 trading partners for the United States, but we expect it to rise to the Top 10 partners by 2012. This means unprecedented opportunities for wealth creation for smart American companies in the months ahead.”

The two free ninety-minute webinars allow participants to learn from the comfort of their internet-connected computer and land-based telephone. Thousands of business leaders have benefited from these webinars since introduced by Bagla last year. The “Managing R & D” webinar will be held at 10 AM to  1 PM (PT).

Bagla is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Doing Business in 21st Century India: How to Profit Today in Tomorrow’s Most Exciting Market” (ISBN-10: 0-446-40224-9, 2008, Hachette Book Group – Business Plus, NY, 272 pg.  The book was recently featured in the the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Hollywood Reporter.

During the webinar, Bagla will highlight

•    Why India-US trade is at a dramatic inflection point today
•    Why  the current financial crisis may accelerate Outsourcing and Off-shoring to India
•    How billions of dollars of export opportunities for U.S. companies have opened up
•    How manufacturing in India will be as important as services for American companies
•    The top sectors of sales opportunity ranging from Defense, Nuclear Energy, Consumer Products , Infrastructure and more
•    The pitfalls of doing business in India and how to avoid them
•    Case examples of companies which have already benefitted.

To register for the webinars visit:

Bagla will also share some of the same insight and knowledge during the webinars that he’ll present at the  Business With India”  executive seminar offered December 4 & 5 at Caltech (the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA)

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