How to Live and Die With Your Living Trust

The Living Trust Advisor by Jeffrey Condon

SANTA MONICA,Calif.(RUSHPRNEWS)10/13/2008- – A Living Trust is nothing more than appointing an After Death Power of Attorney. But to be effective a Living Trust must give clear and precise instructions of your after death wishes.

The secrets of how to live and die with your Living Trust are shared by Jeffrey L. Condon, attorney and author of the newly released The Living Trust Advisor: Everything You Need to Know About Living Trusts (ISBN: 978-0-470-26118-7, Hardcover 272 pages, Wiley, $39.95).

“The Living Trust is the number one vehicle used in the U.S. today to transfer wealth from one generation to another,” says Condon. “And if written properly your Living Trust will prevent conflict and chaos in the inheritance arena and will protect your children’s inheritance from the winds of their fate.”

Condon and his father, the late Gerald M. Condon, in 1996 co-authored the best-selling book Beyond the Grave: The Right Way and Wrong Way of Leaving Money to Your Children (and Others) which the Wall Street Journal described as “the best estate planning book in America.”

Condon has conducted more than 150 talks and seminars on living trusts and family inheritance, has been quoted as an expert on the same topic in more than 100 newspapers and articles including the N.Y. Times, Wall Street Journal, Time and Business Week, and has appeared on such television programs as “Primetime News,” “The Money Club,” “The Dr. Laura Show,” and “The 700 Club.”

If the correct process is followed, stressed Condon, your Living Trust will divide your assets – not your family. “Parents have no clue, really, how their children are going to behave after their death,” says Condon. “If your Living Trust consists of clear instructions expressed in precise language than you can avoid the bitterness, feuds and angry exchanges amongst your children and/or spouse after your die.”

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As a family inheritance attorney, Condon functions as a Living Trust Coach to guide you and your family through all four quarters of the living trust game. “The centerpiece of The Living Trust Advisor is do not leave your children with an outright inheritance but always place your assets in a protection trust so your property is protected for your children and from your children.”

The Living Trust Advisor also functions as your Living Trust Coach, following the flow of your money and property during all four quarters of the living trust game:

  • While both you and your spouse are alive
  • After the first spouse dies
  • When the last spouse dies, and
  • When distribution is made to your children and grandchildren

As a Trust Coach, Condon also advises how to ensure your children’s inheritance is not given away to the children of a second spouse should your spouse re-marry after your death. “Most people don’t realize a Living Trust can be amended after the death of a husband or wife to ensure the money and property is used to help the surviving spouse but ultimately goes to the children of the first marriage,” stresses Condon. “The surviving spouse has power to amend the Living Trust if not provided for otherwise.”

The Living Trust Advisor is available at fine book sellers everywhere and at Amazon or from the publisher:

About Jeffrey L. Condon

Jeffrey L. Condon is an attorney who has practiced for more than two decades in the field of trusts and estates. Condon’s expertise includes living trusts, estate planning, family inheritance planning, wills, probate and trust administration, conservatorships and guardianships. Condon is the senior partner of Condon & Condon, a law firm founded by his father and uncle. He is the author of two best-selling books on Living Trusts, a trusted expert in estate planning, and a highly sought after speaker on family inheritance planning. Condon & Condon, 632 Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica, California 90401, 310-393-0701,, email –

“The Living Trust Advisor is a necessary survival guide in the inheritance arena for every American in these turbulent economic times.”

— Congressman Thaddeus McCotter

“This is a fine and entertaining read as well as an indispensable resource for everyone in need of advice and compassion in making a Will or a Trust.”

Highly recommended reading.

— Grady Harp Amazon Top Ten Reviewer


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