High Tech Ice Scraper Could Save Lives This Winter

Ice Scraper

Havertown, PA(RushPRNews)12/02/08 – Makers of the world’s greatest ice scraper, which comes with an unprecedented lifetime guarantee, promise to virtually eliminate a roadway winter hazard – the “Peephole Driver.” Motorists who use the revolutionary IceDozer tool will not be tempted to be a Peephole Driver — you know, the guy who carves a small opening through the windshield snow, ice or frost and then risks his and everyone else’s life driving with a peephole view.

The IceDozer makes quick work of windshield snow, ice and frost with its patented seven-inch FlexiBladeâ„¢ so motorists will spend far less time standing and scraping in the freezing cold.

The secret is the IceDozer’s unique cutting surface which is dramatically amplified through a system that harnesses the natural ergonomic forces of arm and shoulder movement. The IceDozer has three distinct blades to tackle virtually any kind of ice build-up with a minimum of effort.

Popular Science magazine calls the IceDozer a “Space-Age Ice Scraper that gets the job done quicker and better. The wild-looking Dozer has micro and macro teeth for clearing ice, and a straight edge that flexes to follow the curve of the windshield. A pistol grip lets you put your full weight behind each push.”

The IceDozer has gotten other rave reviews, as well:

· The Baltimore Sun says “The IceDozer brings a no-nonsense, three-pronged attack to the task.”

· The Winnipeg Free Press says “the IceDozer is the world’s first high-tech ice scraper.”

· David Ponce from OHGIZMO, a gadget-lover’s blog, says “The IceDozer man-handles ice and snow from your windshield in seconds.”

The Innovation Factory of Havertown, PA, has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to manufacture a one-of-kind, not-to-be out-performed ice scraper right here in America.

“The IceDozer is a very useful and thoughtful holiday gift that could even save a life,” says Marvin Weinberger, Inventor-in-Chief of the privately-held Innovation Factory. “I’ve seen people buy one for every driver in the family. And it’s a gift that lasts a lifetime.”

The IceDozer Classic and IceDozer Plus can be purchased online at www.innovationfactory.com. The IceDozer is also available at select retail stores, including Bed, Bath & Beyond and Auto Barn.

Free product samples to professional journalists- Photos available.

Media Contact: To arrange an interview with Marvin Weinberger contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications at scottlorenz@westwindcos.com or by phone at
734-667-2090 or by cell at 248-705-2214

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