Hack Resistant Service Increases E-Commerce Sales


Hack Resistant Service Increases E-Commerce Sales
Study shows websites with security seals that prevent hackers have higher sales

LOS ANGELES, CA (rushprnews) March 27 2007- A new study by the security firm Hack Resistant (http://www.hackresistant.com) shows that e-commerce sites are increasing sales by an average of 40% within three months of getting a Hack Resistant or similar security service.

Hack Resistant offers a security scan and seal service that shows customers proof that a scan for security problems has been done daily thus making the website safer. The seal puts a small image with a scanning verification date on website.

In addition to increasing sales, the service is advantageous for the business owner and customer because the security scanning service lowers the chance that hackers will steal customer information from the website. “On the internet, customers are looking for safety and security. It is an obvious advantage to have Hack Resistant prove the safety and security of your website and hosting systems.” says Shawn Kohan of Hack Resistant.

Information theft has been a big concern the last few years. Web owners have been using SSL to protect information theft, but this doesn’t protect customer information from being stolen later by hackers. “I need more to trust a website on the internet.” says Mandy a customer who makes frequent online purchases to save time.

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