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Ultimate Green Tea Liquid is Full of Antioxidants to Fight Cancer and Aging

New York City, NY (RushPRNews)12/07/08
Ultimate Green Tea Liquid is Full of Antioxidants to Fight Cancer and Aging. New Lab Tests Prove Green Tea Liquid is the Most Potent Extract on the market. Green Tea Liquid is available in limited quantities at Viva Herbals,

— Ultimate Green Tea Liquid features the super antioxidant that can help baby boomers find the key to extending their healthy years. Newly completed lab tests establish that Ultimate Green Tea Liquid available from Viva Herbalsâ„¢ is unsurpassed by any other product on the market. Dr. Shoshana Margolin, the New York-based author of Quantum Therapy: Anything Less is a Compromise, says:

“This organic green tea extract is a potent immune enhancer and energy fortifier. I would not want to be a day without it!”

Extensive media coverage indicates that interest in the benefits of Green Tea has skyrocketed since scientific studies conducted in the nineties found evidence of extraordinary anti-aging and anti carcinogenic properties. The National Cancer Research Institute in Tokyo recently issued this succinct summation of its studies, “We suggest that drinking green tea may be one of the most practical methods of cancer prevention available at the present time.” As long ago as 1992, the Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology stated (Vol. 23), “Green tea has been shown to enhance the liver’s ability to detoxify carcinogens and thus act as a cancer preventative.”

Green Tea is also great for weight loss. According to Wikipedia: Japanese researchers claim drinking five cups of green tea a day can burn 70 to 80 extra calories. And Dr. Nicholas Perricone told Oprah Winfrey’s viewers they can lose 10 lbs (4.5 kg) in 6 weeks by simply drinking green tea instead of coffee!

Studies in Asia have shown that in order to get the full benefits from the health sustaining polyphenols in Green Tea you need to drink more than 15 cups a day. One cup of Ultimate Green Tea Liquid (30 drops in hot or cold water) is equivalent to 15 cups of loose green tea. Polyphenols are a nutritional plant based type of antioxidant. Ultimate Green Tea is laboratory certified to be free of all herbicides, pesticides and fluoride and contains more than 95% Polyphenols and 62% EGCG. A check of labels of other green liquid concentrates in the stores reveals that they are either not organic or not caffeine-free and the best of them claim polyphenol levels of only 60 to 80 percent.

Epidemiological observations have shown that people in green-tea consuming countries-mainly Japan and China-have very low rates of cancer. The healthiest and longest-lived occupation in Japan is that of the women who teach or practice the ancient ritual known as “CHANOYU” and drink large quantities of green tea. Studies found that these women have the lowest mortality rate and greatest longevity. Deaths from cancer are especially rare in this group. Dr. Earl Mindall in his Super Antioxidant Miracle book describes ways in which green tea could help you. These benefits include protective safeguards against possible breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, intestinal cancer, skin cancer, and stomach cancer.

Ultimate Green Tea Liquid has been proven to be the purest concentrate you can buy. The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that imported green tea leaves be sprayed with pesticides before entering this country. Ultimate Green Tea concentrate is made from organic green tea leaves in Asia. The pure polyphenol-rich liquid is shipped to the United States in sealed vats and is untouched by herbicides, pesticides or insecticides.

Ultimate Green Tea is additionally fortified with concentrated extracts of Goji Berry, Astragalus and Lohan Kuo. Which all work together synergistically to make Ultimate Green Tea the most potent natural Elixir available today.

Manhattan Clinical Nutritionist Dr. M. Triana commented,

“I recommend Chi Tea therapeutically for many of my clients. I have seen remarkable improvements in many cases with problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart conditions, high blood pressure and conditions of the prostrate.”

Dr. Mark Ukra, popularly known as “Dr. Tea,” author of the Ultimate Tea Diet has been on shows such as The View, Good Morning America and Oprah and has endorsed Green Tea Liquid. Dr Ukra uses the product daily and it is on the menu at his famous Teagarden Tea house in Beverly Hills.

Ultimate Green Tea was created by visionary entrepreneur Tony Iracani who is an authority on Tea and its anti-virus, anti-cancer, super antioxidant properties. Mr Iracani is regularly requested to speak at health expos and symposiums throughout the USA and Canada. He has owned numerous vegetarian restaurants in New York including the famous Café Viva in Manhattans upper west side.

“I have spent over 30 years studying all kinds of health and Chinese medicines and found Green Tea to unquestionably be the most effective preventative elixir that was accessible to the West.” — Tony Iracani, the creator of Ultimate Green Tea Liquid

“I became distressed when the West was not experiencing true healing benefits and not getting the anti carcinogenic properties of green tea. When the tea being imported was not the quality and would need to be consumed in large quantities for any of the incredible effects to take place. The Ultimate Green tea liquid finally makes this elixir that the Chinese have been using for thousands of years accessible to the west.” Ultimate Green Tea can be purchased online at and as well as in select health food stores, gyms and pharmacies in the New York Metropolitan area.

About the Company:

Viva Herbals mission is improve human health by developing and manufacturing organically grown products and selling organic, caffeine-free and sugar-free, liquid green tea extract. It is the result of a 10 year development program focusing on the unmet health need of people to stay healthy. Their flagship products include Ultimate Green Tea, Chi-Tox Tea An Immune Builder, Ener-Chi Sport The Ultimate Sports Drink, Ener-Chi Café The Healthy Coffee Substitute

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