Green Real Estate Education Announces Alliances With Companies Who Represent Renewable Energy and Smart Appliance Divisions

Pikesville, MD (RPRN) 7/24/2009–Green Real Estate Education, the leader in educational courses on green awareness on building practices for the real estate industry stresses the importance of forming alliances with those who offer green products and sustainable building products and systems. While keeping the price of their educational programs under $100 by their sponsors or alliance partners, they are now opening up advertising and marketing opportunities to companies who represent energy efficient products and those who sell solar, wind and other renewable energy fed system for the residential and commercial sectors. ‘It doesn’t make sense to offer educational programs that people can not have a case study to view to gain an understanding of what a solar driven or hybrid hot water heater is.’ says Kerry Mitchell, President of Green Real Estate Education.

‘As someone who has completed close to 400 transactions in my own career, I always felt I needed to offer sellers and buyers information on new trends. Having specs on these new systems would only benefit our students through the certification programs we offer. Green education will help turn around markets.’ Green Real Estate Education offers programs to Realtors® Mortgage professionals and inspectors to learn about green building basics. The 5,000 professionals they have educated through their course offerings gain strong knowledge and information on green building, tax incentives, energy ratings, and energy issues for a price they can afford, and now they want companies to show their green and energy saving products in manuals and display when they speak at conventions. The company has pioneered the concept of green ‘training the chain’ for the professions involved in a real estate transaction. They began teaching in Florida in early 2007 and now their agent certification course is approved not only by ARELLO, an organization who scrutinizes course content an offerings, but now adding the mortgage course has gained approval in many states nationwide for continuing education credits.

‘We feel offering our courses for continuing education is crucial.’ says Mitchell. ‘We will be forming alliances with companies who want to expose their products to home owners.’ The real estate industry is positioned now to accept new ideas for the services offered and we are in a grass toots effort in actually presenting programs in helping our industry to implement ‘green concepts’ in their professions.’ Green Real Estate Education has taught 5,000 and has had as many as 127 in one classroom presentation as they did in April for members of the Kansas City Regional Assn. of Realtors® “You’re doing a remarkable job of analyzing the industry and staying on top of where you need to be.

Truly fantastic, really. Educating the “chain” of professions in real estate transactions is truly visionary.” says Jan Pringle Education Director, Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors®.

‘Our courses are requested from mortgage and real estate associations, at conventions, individual companies and large companies to provide their associates information on ‘green and on energy efficiency for under $100 per student.’ states Mitchell. The timing couldn’t be better for most businesses to learn about green branding as most in business and for their own existence are curious on how to renovate to lower utility bills. Green renovations, according to Mitchell, can make a difference in real estate values. Using healthy materials and installing more high efficiency systems can make a huge difference in utility bill savings. While economic times are challenging many, those educating their staff agents and mortgage professionals on how to take advantage of opportunities in the energy sector holds promise for growth. The company boasts their educational programs are in demand even in these economic times.

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