Google To America – Get Off the Internet for an Hour and Go Vote!

Go vote

Donald Trump and other CEO join in urging Americans to vote on election day.

MOUNTAIN VIEW (RushPRnews)11/01/08-After the Hollywood stars, it is now the turn of CEOs of top tech companies to encourage people to vote.Youtube opened a new site, the, to post all those videos in one place. In addition to watching the videos on, you can also, as an employee, request that your boss post a similar video on the site. If you are the CEO of your company, you can easily submit your video to from the site too.

As Stephanie Condon mentions on cnet: The site was inspired by the fact that, according to the U.S. Census, 20 percent of registered voters who did not vote in 2004 said they were too busy, making that the top reason for eligible voters to miss Election Day.

I am amazed how Google has the ability to mobilize all those popular personalities around their own products. Those elections have proven to be a great marketing opportunity for Google to promote their video platform (Youtube) and their mapping service (Google Maps).

To see the CEOs on YouTube go to

photo: image by caseywest via Flickr

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