Give Me My Burger and Shakes – America Give Me Sarah Palin

by Alicia Devora

NEW ORLEANS,LA (RUSHPRNEWS)09/02/2008–Two weeks ago, Republican ads poked fun at Obama’s celebrity, but now that they have their own, you’ll hear much less of that. And although McCain complains that press coverage of Palin has been “offensive,” he couldn’t have picked better.

At this time last week, America was listening to Michelle Obama share her story of strength through adversity, setting a wonderful example of grace under pressure, rolling out her perfect kids, and we all sat smiling, but sick to our stomachs. Just great, we thought.

Governor Sarah Palin holds a salmon caught while setnetting From ghetto to first lady, and I can’t get myself out of this chair to go to the gym. But the Republicans have the real goods, an Oprah-ready Brittany-like noodlebrain who can’t stop her son from signing up for a war she doesn’t particularly believe in, and can’t get her daughter to stop sleeping around. That’s the true purpose of celebrity. To remind us that those who lost count of their homes are still capable of losing track of their kids.

Of course, along with the Obamas, we had to listen to a weeks’ worth of “America can do better, our nation is better than that.” The Republicans, of course, know better. They’re on hand to tell us stop whining about student test scores, crime, housing, health care, America’s falling status in the world, just take your tax cuts, go home and order things online.

We promise to keep our shores safe so you can spend without worry. The Republicans know that this whole business of “We need to rebuild our schools, our roads, our finance and healthcare system,” is just as nauseating as the doctor telling us to lose that 30 pounds or be at risk for a stroke. Bah.

Give me my burgers and shakes and my TV chair and bring on Palin, the Everywoman from Alaska who makes it OK 2 BE ME!!!

Source: Alicia Devora

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