Funfit Combats Childhood Obesity with All-Inclusive Family Programming in Colorado Springs

newlogo.jpgFunfit  Making an Impact in Colorado Springs
Combat Childhood Obesity with All-Inclusive Family Programming

Colorado Springs, CO (RUSHPRNEWS) January 3rd, 2008 – In order to tackle nationwide the growing problem of childhood obesity, Maryland-based Funfit Family Fitness Center has a new member to add to its growing family in Colorado Springs, Colorado under the guidance of Libby Weinstein. 

According to the US Surgeon General, there is currently  an epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States that includes nine million children over the age of six, and parents are increasingly looking for ways to accompany their children down a healthier path. Weinstein elaborated with this statement, “With my strong belief that the whole family has to be involved to raise healthy children, FUNFIT programming offers exactly what I wish to bring to the Colorado Springs community”.

Libby WeinsteinWeinstein talks about her decision to bring Funfit to Colorado Springs, ” Our focus is the prevention of childhood obesity and all-inclusive family programming”. ” Celia Kibler, the founder of FUNFIT, further explains,” we are hoping that this step-by-step nationwide expansion is going to have a positive and far-reaching impact on our nation’s children. Our goal is to expand into every state, while being careful to meet the specific needs of each region”.  Kibler elaborates on the process of becoming a licensee, ” Our focus is the prevention of childhood obesity.  All licensees will go through a full twenty-five hour training to successfully conduct our classes as well as our parties. The outstanding reputation that Funfit prides itself with, will continue with every center that is opened and all licensees will hold the same desires and beliefs for the healthy future of our children and families”.

Weinstein’s belief is a direct result of having raised three boys and of obtaining a degree in Early Childhood Education.  After her sons were in High School, she worked for the Bar-T Kindergarten Enrichment program as a teaching assistant in Montgomery County, Maryland.  With cuts to the all day Kindergarten programs in that county, parents wanted and needed a full day program for their five year olds.  Upon leaving Bar-T, she taught at a private co-operative Nursery School in the three year old class at the Bethesda Co-operative Nursery School.  She became increasingly frustrated by parents who desired a more structured educational program that made having FUN part of the game.  Having been through the teen-aged years with three active boys made her realize that as she explains,” having FUN with your children is exactly what a family needs most!!.  After three years at BCNS, she met Celia Kibler and learned about the Funfit Program and worked for her at her center in McLean, Virginia.  She moved to Colorado Springs in 2003, where she is continuing the FUNFIT tradition.

She is currently teaching FUNFIT classes at one location on the West Side at the Studio at 2020 West Colorado Avenue in Colorado Springs.  She is also teaching at Robin’s Danceworks at 3352 Templeton Gap Road in the Springs and hopes to utilize that space as interest grows in the northern part of the city.

In concluding Libby adds, “The concept of Funfit is to involve the whole family, by offering programs fun for kids that include parent participation too. Our classes for older kids (5 and up) even incorporate a nutrition discussion. I feel that even if they only go home with one or two elements introduced, it is a giant step in the right direction”. She goes on to add,” A lot of our kids don’t like sports and with Funfit they remain active while having fun. Kids  don’t think of it as a chore, as they often do with  mandatory gym classes at school.” It has been proven that in most cases, the very best defense against a health problem is an immediate and positive preventive approach. One including good nutrition, joyful physical activity and a positive self-image will naturally lead to a healthier body and mind and that is what the children of this great nation deserve.
If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to call at 719-685-4225 or email Libby Weinstein at

Locations and Times

Funfit sessions will be held at:
Robin’s Danceworks
3352 Templeton Gap Road

Tuesdays at 9:30 A.M.
Tuesdays at 10:30 A.M.
Wednesdays at 11:30 A.M.
The Studio Dance Center
3020 West Colorado Avenue

Mondays at 9:30 A.M.
Mondays at 10:30 A.M.
Fridays at 9:30 A.M.
Fridays at 10:30 A.M.
Libby will be teaching all the classes at each location.

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