Florida, the Sunshine State is Also Penny Stock Land

Peter Leeds the penny stock proFlorida, the Sunshine State Loves its Penny Stocks
Peter Leeds, the stock pro wonders why.
by Peter Leeds

Miami, FL (rushprnews) July 25, 2007 – Most people know that Florida has more than it’s fair share of sunshine, hurricanes, and NFL teams. What many are surprised to hear is that they also lead the way in terms of interest in penny stocks.

At peterleeds.com , approximately 9% of our subscribers come from the Sunshine State. This may not sound like a lot at first glance, but consider that Florida only has 6% of America’s population.

If the number was not significant enough already, remember it is not just 9% of American subscribers, but rather 9% of the worldwide client base. At PeterLeeds.com we’ve got subscribers from 6 continents, and hundreds of countries. This means the 9% subscriber rate is even more significance, since it is based on more than just the American population.

Are people in Florida more likely to invest in penny stocks? Apparently they are. More than 50% more likely, actually. In fact, Florida was very interested to have me on CBS and NBC, and I ended up turning down some nice radio interviews for the television coverage. Now that’s a penny stock friendly State!

Now what is it about Florida that drives this increased interest?  Perhaps it’s all the retirees, spending their days golfing and investing.  Maybe people in Florida have more money to invest, on average, than most other States.  Could it be that people from Florida are well educated in finance, or more computer savvy, or more entrepreneurial?

Actually, it’s probably a little of all of the above. Yet, there is one other consideration to factor in to the mix.
Florida is actually a hive of great, upstart companies, trading on the various stock exchanges, for a few dollars, or even a few pennies per share.

People who work at a well run, up and coming company, are more likely to invest in its shares. Family members and friends of that employee are also more likely to know about, and possibly buy into the company.

In fact, America was built on investing in the seeds that became the massive corporations we know and love today.  When these tiny companies become huge, they will make for a lot of happy Floridian penny stock investors.

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