FitFlops Stocks Are Selling Out Fast, Warns Online Retailer

FITFLOPSLONDON (RushPRnews) 03/02/09–Last summer FitFlops were a big hit, but when stocks ran dry, the demand for FitFlops grew even higher. As a result online retailer Fitness Footwear has seen unprecedented sales of their FitFlops range before this year’s summer has even started. Emma Barlow, Fitness Footwear Partner said: “It’s not even warm yet and already people are ordering their FitFlops well in advance.”

When the need for FitFlops couldn’t be met last summer, it seems that people are ordering ahead of schedule to make sure that they get their FitFlops without fail this time around. One particular style of FitFlops called the FitFlop Walkstar Black has been particularly elusive with the FitFlops manufacturer struggle to meet the sheer volume of orders and inquires for their most popular design. But Fitness Footwear has been pleased to report that their order of FitFlop Walkstar Black flip flops is safely on its way.

“We’ve bought only the best selling styles of FitFlops to ensure that our warehouse is full of the FitFlops that people want so that we can satisfy the needs of our customers.”

FitFlops gained a massive following in 2008 thanks to endorsement on the Oprah Winfrey show. While being worn by America’s chat show queen, FitFlops were quickly established as not only a fitness brand, but a new fashion trend, with all manner of celebrities and TV fitness gurus sporting the flip flops with the gym built in. Soon FitFlop fever spread worldwide as many women with too little time or money to attend gym classes put on these biomechanically designed flip flops to get a more beneficial workout they went about their every day activities.FITFLOPS

FitFlops were a huge hit, not only for being fashionable, but because of the innovative midsole which destabilises the foot with every step, activating the slow twitch muscles in the legs and buttocks for an increased period of time. This not only burns more calories with less effort, but rapidly works to tone and trim the legs and bum. So it’s no surprise that FitFlops will always be the summer flip flop of choice for women.

This press release was submitted for Fitness Footwear by Punch Communications who specialise in technology PR.

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