Fight Flu Outbreak By Wearing A Mask!!


SINGAPORE, (RUSHPRNEWS) 09/05/2008–I am still down with flu since yesterday and today I had to come to work due to datelines. The sudden realization that there is a minor outbreak of flu comes when I can hear at least 2 person sniffing a running nose on board a crowded train (MRT).

Almost everyone near me are either having flu or coughing in the train, I had managed stop my running nose as my flu subsided slightly but nevertheless I was infectious with blocked nose.

Everyone including me was not wearing a mask to prevent any sort of airborne infections to other passengers on the train. It comes as no surprise to me as Singapore are not used to wearing mask in public as it may look “weird”.

My suggestion now is for the safety of the people who are concern with the recent minor outbreak of influenza in public due to weather changes is to wear mask when you are NOT sick yet.

It’s not a crime wearing mask but everyone have a duty to play to wear mask in public either from spreading the influenza or risk catching it.

The current strain of influenza might be slightly more powerful then the previous ones and may kill weak elderly or younger kids that might not be strong enough to fight the virus.


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