FEINSearch.com offers FREE Search Opportunity to New Subscribers

fein-logo.GIFNations Largest Instant Source for Federal Tax I.D. Numbers
FEINSearch.com offers FREE Search Opportunity to New Subscribers

PALM COAST, FL –(rushprnews) April 9, 2007– Need a Tax I.D. number for your tax return, but can’t get a timely response? Maybe you need to verify the for profit status of a potential customer. A new database portal, designed by a leader in information gathering, provides the solution: www.FEINSearch.com.

Now the most comprehensive database for finding Tax I.D. or Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) in the U.S., FEINSearch.com is offering limited free access to demonstrate the ease, and value of this service.

Developed by Noble Ventures, a leader in the consumer and business database industry, FEINSearch.com offers users the ability to instantly search more than 9 million US Business entities and trusts as well as 501(c)(3) non profits to locate and verify the Business Tax ID number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

EIN, or Employer Identification Numbers are assigned by the IRS to all entities for tax reporting purposes and are required on certain documents by the USA Patriot Act and other recent rulings.

For Immediate Release
Contact: 386.986.1844,  support@feinsearch.com

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