FEINSearch.Com, Nations Largest TAX ID Search Database Upgrades to Add Tax Liens and Non-Profit Verifier

fein-logo.GIFFEINSearch.Com, Nations Largest TAX ID Search Database Upgrades Adding Federal Tax Liens and Non-Profit Verifier

Palm Coast, FL – (RUSHPRNEWS) September 24, 2007 – www.FEINSearch.Com, a service of NOBLE Ventures has compiled one of the nations largest Business TAX ID Database repositories of over 10.5 million EIN records. The EIN Finder Database now includes 20 years of Federal Business Tax Liens and a Non Profit Entity verifier from IRS Form 990 filings.

FEINSearch is offering a limited FREE Search period to new registrants of 5 FREE Searches. www.FEINSearch.Com users can search over 10.5 million US Business entities and Trusts, Tax Liens as well as 501(3) (c) NON Profits to locate and verify the Business TAX ID number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service. “FEIN” is an acronym for Federal Employer Identification Number. EIN is an acronym for “Employer Identification Number”.

The EIN Database Portal – FEINSearch.Com is searchable in a flexible “Google” type Boolean search or by Company name, State, or keyword search. FEIN Search.Com returns results featuring useful business data such as; Name, Address, SIC, NAICS, Phone, EIN Number, URL, Description, Officer Name and other data where available. Membership is free and easy, and various subscription levels are offered. The Portal also offers a quick easy EIN Reverse Query and PHONE Query – search by Phone Number. The EIN Data is compiled from Form 5500 filings filed with theUS Dept of Labor and the IRS Form 990 Forms filed by Non Profit entities as well as dozens of other sources. www.FEINSearch.Com clients include Federal, State and local government agencies as well as Banks, Brokerages, Accountants and Investigators.

FEINSearch new “BATCH-Match” service can help locate and uncover and append EIN Numbers, verify corporate ownership and status, Determine IRS Non profit Status, Presence of IRS backup withholding a Business Federal Tax Liens, and scan against the OFAC Designated Persons database – all seamlessly from your desktop.

For volume and daily batch users, we offer a proprietary Batch Match system, where a client can load up data, Map against fields, and process up to a million records against our entire EIN Master file of 10.5 million records.

Contact Information

Beth Bruner, Div. NOBLE Ventures.Com, POB 352109,
Palm Coast FL
32137 (800) 299-8280 support@feinsearch.com


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