Earth Day Special At Funfit’s DC Area Family Fitness Center

Funfit’s Open House will Feature Classes in Organic Raw Food Meal Preparation and Family Fitness & Wellness

By Ane Howard

WASHINGTON (RPRN) 04/14/09-Funfit Inc. invites families to the Rockville, Maryland location, to celebrate Earth Day by participating in a raw food preparation special. Funfit promotes healthy lifestyles through fitness and healthy eating. Families can also enjoy open gym and award-winning parties for babies through thirteen year olds all year. To celebrate Earth Day, childhood obesity expert and founder of Funfit,

Celia Kibler, will be hosting an Earth Day open house on April 22, 2009 from 10am to 7:00pm with class demonstrations and healthy activities continuing throughout the day.

“What could be a better way to celebrate Earth Day than to teach kids to be conscious eaters?” Ms. Kibler asked, when RushPRNews asked about her inspiration for the event. Ms. Kibler went on to share her conviction that teaching kids fun ways to prepare raw produce helps them in the process of making healthy decisions. Ms. Kibler told RushPRNews. Teaching young children about nutrition and the importance of eating healthy foods is especially vital now because of recent studies, which have shown childhood obesity to be on the rise.

A study published in the April 4, 2009 issue of Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine and quoted in The Columbus Dispatch found that one in five preschoolers are obese, including a shocking eighteen percent of 4-year-olds. In fact according to the study “1 in 5 preschooler’s are obese and these statistics become worse for those in minority groups”. In light of that study and to teach about organically grown raw foods, one unique feature of this year’s open house will be a healthy raw foods meal preparation.

What is a raw foods diet? A raw foods diet consists of plant-derived foods that have not been processed or cooked. Funfit will introduce raw and organic foods into their KIDS CAN COOK class for 3-13 year olds.

Why raw food? Raw foods play a role in maintaining good health by promoting digestive efficiency assisting the body in proper peristalsis and good bowel function. Every thing we take into our bodies has an impact on our health, our emotions and our behavior. What we eat has a tremendous affect on the Earth, which is why Funfit’s open house features raw food to impress upon the participants just how fun, tasty and Earth-friendly raw food can be. Organically grown foods are specifically cultivated without the use of herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or other chemicals that are toxic to the human body. “The April 8, 2009 article “Organic foods: Are they Safer? More Nutritious?” published at suggests many benefits to the use of organic produce. Among the benefits noted are improved soil, water conservation, and reduction of pollution. Individuals following a raw food diet often choose organically grown food in place of other commercial products. Although this is not a requirement for the diet to be considered ‘raw’, it allows the individual to avoid an abundance of toxins often present in foods, which are not specifically labeled ‘organic.’ The idea that such produce has caused less of an impact on the environment simply adds to its attractiveness. There are many opponents to the raw food diet.

According to The Raw Deal why you should avoid the trendy ‘all raw’ diet by Beatrice Trum Hunter, as quoted in the Website “not all individuals can tolerate the raw diet. Cooked foods are not as likely to produce allergic reactions as those eaten raw.” “Raw food eaters are thin but healthy” and definitely according to a study in Archives of Internal Medicine and reported in the BBC News Website in an article, Raw food eaters thin but healthy, but do not suffer from thinner bones as suspected by opponents of raw food diet

What foods are considered to be “raw”? Foods that qualify as “raw” include fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh sprouts, nuts and seeds, young coconuts, dried fruits, dates, seaweeds, dried vegetables, olives, green powders like (blue green algae), barleygreen, and dried wheatgrass. These two things are also included raw honey and frozen fruits.


Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Foods-Many kids, especially picky eaters, prefer to eat raw fruits and vegetables instead of cooked. Teaching kids to eat a healthy diet can simply be a matter of providing them with plenty of good foods including raw fruits and vegetables. Then let them do what comes naturally – enjoying what nature provides. Enjoying a raw foods menu at a Funfit open house is one way to expose your family to new healthy experiences.




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