Beverly Hills, CA (RUSHPRNEWS)November 1, 2007– From Mary Poppins to Fran Drescher to Jo Frost as the “Supernanny,” the nanny has been a staple of pop culture for decades. Yet for real life parents and children with nannies, there exist serious challenges and issues that go far beneath the surface when it comes to the interactions between nannies and the families they care for.  Enter The Nanny Doctor (www.TheNannyDoctor.com). 

A Beverly Hills-based licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Lindsay Heller is The Nanny Doctor.  Seeking to promote positive relationships between families and their nannies with a focus on the best interests of the child, Dr. Heller provides a highly specialized service helping families in all aspects of their relationship with their nanny.

Her goal is to ensure the development of strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and caregivers.

As a former nanny with over 10 years of experience, Dr. Heller brings a uniquely stylized approach to her work, combining her nanny experience with her expertise as a licensed clinical psychologist.  The only consultant of her kind, Dr. Heller works from an “Attachment Theory” perspective.  This theory focuses on the critical emotional bonds between children and significant attachment figures in their lives, such as caregivers.

Dr. Heller provides consulting services to families at every stage in their relationship with their nanny. This includes helping families identify their needs and aiding with the interviewing process, improving communication and resolving conflicts, and helping with transitions and endings — whether planned or unplanned.

  Dr. Heller also works between households in cases of divorced or separated parents to ensure consistency across settings and caregivers.  Many of Dr. Heller’s celebrity clients have especially appreciated The Nanny Doctor’s level of privacy and confidentiality. Any family who has a nanny or is considering hiring a nanny can benefit from these services.
“As a former nanny,” says Dr. Heller, “I have experience working in a vast variety of households.  I have found that it is important to recognize that every family is different with its own unique needs. 

Cultural dynamics also come into consideration.  What a nanny brings to the family culturally is so important to know and understand.  For instance, the way that your nanny was raised will be directly related to how they plan to care for your children. 

Communication is crucial, as nannies are often fired as a result of a conflict, with no attempt made to resolve the problems. The result?  The child wakes up the next day and a significant attachment figure in their life has disappeared.”
The Nanny Doctor has successfully assisted many families and nannies in developing strong, meaningful and secure emotional bonds.  For more information and details regarding consultations, visit www.TheNannyDoctor.com.

Note to Media:  The Nanny Doctor is available for interview.  Contact Makeda@jazzmynepr.com or 661.718.8843

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