Cats to Humans: Take My Advice and Take Me Home

cat coupleFeline Couple Introduces Website

Santa Fe, NM (RUSHPRNEWS) August 26, 2008 — Two cats in love introduce their relationship tips for humans at their new website The Cat’s Guide to Love . Relationship Advice Even Humans Can UnderstandA cat couple goes public with love advice for humans using photos and their own conversational style. All they ask in exchange is that humans help homeless pets.(

The Cat’s Guide to Love: A Babe Magnet and a Hot Fox Share Their Secrets discloses the inside story of a steamy love affair. Even humans can understand this guide and spice up their relationships with advice from this feline duo.

Relationship gurus Sam and Foxy describe in detail how they keep their passion fresh and alive. Plus, they point out specific differences between men’s and women’s approach to romance. The online guide includes over fifty pages of photos and love advice.

Examples of tips in The Cat’s Guide to Love include:
Foxy: Men like to think they’re in charge when we all know they’re not. Just play along with this farce.
Sam: I think quicker than she does and know exactly what she’s about to say, but I don’t interrupt and finish her sentences. That makes her angry for some reason. So I just sit there and listen.
Humans can access this information anytime with no registration or fees required. Foxy and Sam only ask that humans help homeless animals in exchange for their relationship advice. Donate to your local animal shelter, adopt a homeless pet, get your kids involved with helping animals, or be an advocate for animals.

This feline couple links to their website Help Animals Live ( for ways to help. They both know firsthand how hopeless it feels to be homeless.

About one third of households in the US rely on the counsel and wisdom of cats, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s 2007 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook. It makes sense that two cats in love publish this definitive guide.

About Sam and Foxy

Sam was adopted from Operation Kindness, a no-kill shelter in Carrollton, TX when he was three months old. He moved with his humans to the Colorado mountains, where Foxy appeared homeless and hungry several years later on a cold November day. It was love at first sight. The family now lives in Santa Fe, NM.

They supervised their human Mom, Cathy Grace, in compiling this guide and dedicate it to everyone who helps homeless and abused animals.

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