Breaking news: Posting from Photobucket to MySpace

photobucketBreaking news: Posting from Photobucket to MySpace
A Message to our Customers

Seattle,WA (rushprnews) April 12, 2007: April 10th  MySpace made the decision to prevent Photobucket users from posting their videos and remixes to their MySpace pages.  This action by MySpace means that all of the videos and remixes you created will no longer show up on your MySpace profile and comments section. More specifically, if you attempt to add new videos or remixes to your profile, they will be removed.

We are not happy about this and we’re pretty sure you’re not happy either. We appreciate that you have invested hundreds of thousands of hours using the editing, remixing and management tools and features available only on Photobucket. In particular, you’ve all been really embracing videos at Photobucket — to the tune of 50,000 video uploads a day, which is great. Rest assured that your content is being kept safe in your Photobucket album even though it may disappear from your MySpace pages.

We believe that by limiting your ability to personalize your pages with content from any source, MySpace is contradicting the very belief of personal and social media. MySpace became successful because of the creativity of you, its users, and because it offered a forum for self-expression. By severely restricting this freedom, MySpace is showing that it considers you as a commodity which it can treat as it sees fit.

Note, photos can still be posted from Photobucket to MySpace.  This action by MySpace appears to only affect videos and remixes.

What can you do?

Vote with your feet and your keyboards.  Tell MySpace how you feel.

(1) Write to or click here to give them your thoughts.

(2) Send a MySpace bulletin to all your friends telling them to also give MySpace their feedback.

(3) You can also post a comment on this blog.


Update as of noon PST April 11th:Thank you for all your comments on this blog. We really do appreciate your support.At this time, we believe you can still post your videos to blogs on MySpace, but not to profiles or comments.  We don’t see any problems posting slideshows or any photos or images at this time.Photobucket was not contacted directly by MySpace about this action, so we do not have any insight into their reasoning behind their actions. Limiting users’ ability to post their content would seem to be contrary to MySpace’s mission and certainly to ours.

Thanks again for your support.
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