Breaking News: Jet Fuel Spill in Suisun Near Controversial Wal-Mart

Newsblaze just reported that Jet Fuel Pipeline to Travis AFB Ruptures in Suisun Near Major Highway, and Proposed Wal-Mart

SUISUN CITY, CA (RushPRNews) 02/24/09– A jet fuel pipeline that supplies mammoth Travis Air Force Base – and is near a controversial proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter – has apparently ruptured along Highway 12.

State, federal and local agencies are still trying to discover the source of the leak, that was discovered this morning by AT&T subcontractors smelled the kerosene-based jet fuel.

A spill in April 2004 of diesel fuel in Suisun dumped more than 100,000 gallons into waterways.

The New York Times Home Delivery The jet fuel pipeline’s proximity to the proposed Wal-Mart has been just one of the public safety reasons citizens have opposed the development.


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