Breaking News: Blu-ray Business Booming – BlueStar Opening New Plants

Blue-rayWith Fresh Funding BlueStar creating new jobs and technology direction in America and Europe

New Blu-ray Plants in Europe and America Announces other Major Initiatives

SPOKANE, WA (RPRN) 4/27/09 — With fresh funding from European partners; BlueStar Technologies Founder and CEO Erick Hansen has announced the planned opening of the BlueStar Rome to manufacture Blu-ray discs for the continent and UK.

The plant is set to open this summer and is said to be the largest and most green friendly of it’s kind in western Europe. “We believe that new technology and opportunity goes’ hand in hand, and that bio ethics are the key to global energy and environmental issues — sustainability,” says Hansen. “This is the soul of our mission.”

He is also dealing with the piracy issue directly. BluStar has come up with a hybrid Blu-ray disc, codenamed Project Blue book, which he claims will be pirate proof, will deliver data faster and have a larger capacity than current Blu-ray disc.

In December, the Company reached a settlement of litigation filed by the California Department of Corporations in June 2008 alleging violations concerning the Company’s sales of securities in California. Hansen said, “we are pleased to settle this matter and thank the California Department of Corporations for their assistance.”

Hansen is looking at plans for a new US facility, with a focus on two locations and demographics: California and Montana. This new facility is said to be to revolutionary in it’s application of bio-ethics and green technology. He went on to say “By creating and developing new opportunities in eco-friendly and bio sustainable technologies, job and economic growth is inevitable.”

“I believe there is a myth and a mythology now, about the surrender in this country. We are simply handing over our most valuable features in regards to technology and manufacturing to the competition by outsourcing and sending work and jobs overseas. This must stop.”

His bio-ethics theme goes further. “I realized, that by working with the earth instead of against it. I can increase the efficiency of business and our chance of success in the American economy by bringing jobs sharing this technology with America and Europe. We have an overall package here with a strategy to brings jobs back to the West.” In closing Hansen’s remarked “ Hey, maybe it’s time to think about America again.”

Erick Hansen
BlueRay Technologies LLC
1119 West 1st Avenue,
Spokane,WA 99201


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