BlueStar Brings New Technologies for Recording with Blu-ray Games and Movies

blue star technologiesBlueStar Technologies Derives Method to Both Allow Fans to use BD-R while protecting Studios

Spokane, WA (RPRN) 4/30/09 – BlueStar Technologies has developed a system to allow consumers to record on Blu-ray discs along with movies and games while giving pirate-proof technology to studios and developers – a perfect balance.

BlueStar founder and DVD pioneer Erick Hansen said the company’s new proprietary StarFire anti-pirate encryption and laser-firing system on its Blu-Ray manufacturing lines in Spokane and soon Europe could make BD piracy a thing of the past.

“Part of our pirate-proof disc is that anyone, anyone can just look at the disc and see if it’s pirated. It’s not just a number watermark like DVDs and BDs use now,” Hansen said. “We are the only firm in the U.S. doing these incredible things that will be a boon both to consumers and copyright-holders.”

Hansen explained gamers wanted to save games on the actual discs. In addition, games and other interactive features were included now on the 25GB and 50GB feature films. That means HD movie fans have reason to store on their discs, without alarming the studio that copies would be pirated on the street corner.

Further, BD-R1 will be great for movies that are allowed to be copied once or more and computer users that need to store large amounts of files.

BlueStar Technologies is the largest indie Blu-ray disc manufacturer in the U.S. already and is additionally adding a fourth mastering facility, “each one for over four million units of the most sophisticated part of the manufacturing process and the key growth to each of the companies servicing the Blu-ray population,” said Hansen.

BlueStar is already the largest U.S. indie and has further upgraded its mastering facilities, “the most sophisticated part of the manufacturing process and the key growth to each of the companies servicing the Blu-ray population,” said Hansen.

Furthermore BlueStar has designed a way to put the label ink on with a special holographic technique that is not only is hard to pirate or exploit but does not hurt the environment or create a toxic disposal problem which other inks can generate.

Hansen notes “It will also be the only indie that can handle rewritable disc mastering and will provide pre-mastering as well, all complex yet necessary components to creating Blu-ray discs that show what true 1080p hi-def is capable of, rather than just putting upgraded DVD content on a Blu-ray disc as some do. The consumers will come to expect this, it is one of the steps that make BDs eye-popping and a clear step up from DVDs.

“The process will allow for advanced encoding, authoring and menu design and will apply to games, movies and any other digital content that can be put on BD. As for the rewritable discs, they are especially useful to computer users as well as publishers and corporate users who want a shorter run that does not require large manufacturing plants.”


Erick Hansen, Founder, Ceo of Blue Star Technologies


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