Be An Angel to a Cold Lonely Backyard Dog

NEW YORK(RushPRnews)11/18/08-Life is never easy for a neglected dog who lives outside at the end of a chain. Some manage to find a little cover from the wind and rain underneath a bush or behind a garbage can, although even they won’t be able to hide from the cold. Some will suffer horribly from frostbite and even die from exposure.

This winter, life is going to be even more difficult for many of these animals, as the economic crisis means that they will have even less to eat and no toys to fight the terrible boredom that is their only companion.

As a PETA doghouse sponsor, you can give a backyard dog shelter from the cold and wind with a sturdy PETA doghouse. Please be an “Angel for Animals” today. Thanks to our caring “Angel for Animals” sponsors, PETA has built and delivered more than 4,000 top-quality doghouses. That means more than 4,000 animals now have shelter and a fighting chance to survive the freezing cold and sweltering heat—for years to come.

Recently, our caseworkers received a call about a dog forced to live outside with no shelter who had attempted to dig himself a hole to escape a severe thunderstorm the night before. We talked to the “owners” and got local officials involved. Thankfully, the dog is now inside!

Of course, whenever we meet a neglected backyard dog, we always try to convince the guardians to bring the animal inside. But sadly, sometimes the dog’s guardians just can’t be persuaded, authorities refuse to take action, or laws won’t allow them to be removed. That’s when we do whatever we can to improve the animals’ lives. And for many dogs, a sturdy doghouse filled with warm straw bedding makes a big difference. With your help as an “Angel for Animals” doghouse sponsor, we can help stop the terrible suffering of needy dogs.

You should know that our commitment to these dogs doesn’t end once we’ve delivered their doghouse. For example, two of our caseworkers recently went to check in on some of the animals who had received a PETA doghouse. They found one, named Snowball, tied to the doghouse we’d built with a rope only a few feet long. She had no water and no food, and her ears were badly bitten by flies. Our caseworkers immediately applied medicine to her ears and gave her food, water, and a 15-foot dog tie. They swept up all the feces and broken beer bottles in the small area where she’s forced to live, and they spent extra time giving her the love and affection that she desperately needed.

Animal suffering doesn’t take weekends off, so neither do we. I am so proud of our staff’s dedication to improving the lives of dogs like Snowball, who’ve known so little human kindness. But all the work that we do begins with the caring and generosity of supporters like you.

Will you help a neglected dog stuck outside in the cold this winter by becoming an “Angel for Animals” doghouse sponsor today?

Very truly yours,

Ingrid Newkirk
President- PETA

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