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Help NRDC Action Fund protect America's last free-roaming  buffalo herd.NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS) May 13, 2008- The massacre of buffalo that took place in Yellowstone National Park this winter must never be allowed to happen again. More than 50 percent of America’s last free-roaming buffalo herd has perished in just six months from a brutal winter, starvation, and wholesale slaughter waged by the State of Montana and the Bush Administration. With 1,600 wild buffalo killed in cold blood — and 700 felled by the long winter — it was the highest death toll since the 1800s, when these noble creatures were almost wiped off the planet. That’s why I’m urging you to make an emergency donation to the NRDC Action Fund right now. We cannot let this annual government-sponsored massacre to occur again…ever.

Your emergency donation will help us end the cruelty now. The NRDC Action Fund is ratcheting up nationwide pressure on the government to end its inhumane policy of killing wild buffalo that wander outside of the park in search of food or to give birth. Our campaign is already paying off. The 120,000 messages of protest we’ve generated to the National Park Service have grabbed its attention. And the State of Montana, acutely aware that Americans are outraged, has just called a halt to this season’s slaughter.

But now the real fight begins: we must win real, long-term protections that will save Yellowstone’s remaining buffalo herd from the perennial threat of winter slaughter. And we must safeguard key habitat outside the park where buffalo will be free to graze and give birth without being gunned down.

Your donation will enable us to launch an all-out national campaign for the sake of buffalo survival. We’ll arm national TV outlets with damning video footage of the government’s capture-and-kill operation…generate an outcry of public opposition that the government will be unable to ignore…and bring together the best scientists in the field to develop a more humane buffalo management plan.

Please support our efforts to stop the annual massacre of these noble creatures. Help us fight for a new, more compassionate policy that will allow Yellowstone’s buffalo to thrive both inside and outside the park.

Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund

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