Airborne Assault on Hundreds of Wolves To Begin in October

Submit an Official Citizen Comment now!Airborne Assault on Hundreds of Wolves To Begin in October. Stop Bush’s “License to Kill” Plan NOW.  The airplanes and helicopters stand ready. The guns are loaded.

New York, NY (rushprnews) July 17, 2007- And if the Bush Administration gets its way, an airborne assault on hundreds of wolves in the northern Rockies could begin as early as October. Make no mistake: we can still come to the wolf’s rescue, but we’ve got to mobilize a nationwide public outcry over the next 20 days — while the Bush Administration is still required to take public input on its cruel plan for slaughtering wolves. Wolf PhotoWith your support that’s exactly what we’re going to do. DONATE

Please make an online contribution right now so the NRDC Action Fund can rally hundreds of thousands of Americans against wolf extermination before the crucial August 6 deadline.

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We are arming the media with the damning facts of the Bush Administration’s cold-blooded plan… organizing key opposition in both Houses of Congress…and reaching out to millions of Americans who haven’t yet heard that wolves will soon be caught in a deadly crossfire.

Let’s face it: most Americans would be outraged to discover that our own government plans to gun down the greatest living symbol of endangered wildlife.

And they would be horrified to learn that airplanes and helicopters have already been purchased to do the job of mowing down packs of wolves in a matter of minutes.

But most Americans won’t know any of this unless we get them the facts…and empower them with an easy way to register their opposition on the Internet in a matter of seconds.

Your gift will help us build a tidal wave of protest against the Bush Administration’s wolf-killing plan — and greatly increase the odds that the “Open Fire” order will NOT be given come this October.

Please help give wolves a reprieve by making an online contribution right now.

Help us mobilize America in defense of wolves over the next 20 critical days.

Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund


RUSH PR NEWS is a proud supporter of environmental issues. Please donate to the NRDC Action Fund.  press release and newswire services Anne Howard writer and publicist

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