Free PC Games magazine rules them all

Free PC Games magazine rules them all

London, UK (rushprnews) April 26, 2007- GamerZines is pleased to announce the availability of its best issue of PCGZine yet. Issue 5 of the free digital magazine for PC gamers includes exclusive coverage of three of the hottest PC games of 2007.

Eagerly awaited for years, The Lord of the Rings Online finally allows gamers to step into a living, breathing Middle Earth and play alongside other gamers in real time. Tolkien’s classic fantasy has been the inspiration for more RPG elements than almost any other source, so a game that can be true to the original books has been the grail for many gamers. With expectations so high, can the game live up to the hype? PCGZine has been playing the game for months and coinciding with the release of the game, it now delivers the definitive review. Find out if it is truly one MMO to rule them all, or if it fails to WoW.

Not standing in the Shadow of Angmar is Quake Wars, another game that has the cognoscenti biting their finger nails in anticipation. Developer Splash Damage has been honing the game for months and PCGZine gets access to play the game and see how it is coming along. Quake is one of the biggest franchises in PC gaming, so expect fireworks.

Third up in the trilogy of Triple A games covered this issue is World in Conflict, the biggest game to date for developer Massive Entertainment. PCGZine talks exclusively to the president of Massive, Martin Walfisz, about this, literally, ground-breaking RTS. “Seeing your artillery, or air strikes, completely destroying the whole place in a cascade of explosions, smoke and debris is really cool,” says Martin. The interview finds out how their idea of mixing Counter-Strike-type game play with the strategy genre is set to deliver a truly unique PC game this Autumn.

PCGZine is a GamerZine, published for free in PDF format. Readers simply require a copy of the free Adobe Reader (version 6 or above) to read the magazines. Each GamerZine includes more than 30 pages of professionally written games journalism and is enhanced with embedded video, multimedia and interactive elements.

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