365 Ways to Change The World – A Complete Guidebook

It is always worth doing something…an activist look at the world by author Michael Norton

LONDON (RushPRnews)01/01/09-Written by Michael Norton, book is the results of two years spent collecting ideas, developing details and researching information sources resulting in a practical guidebook for everyday. Norton promotes the idea that it is always worth doing something, and no-one needs to feel irrelevant to the world’s problems. He’s written the book in an intelligent, exciting and straightforward way that will help you realise how much even your own small and individual actions can help make a difference and how much fun you can have doing them!

This ingenious handbook suggests one action for every day of the year – some are intriguing, many are unusual, a few involve fundraising, almost all can be planned or done from your home or computer, most will be fun, all are achievable.


•Support trade justice: buy three footballs
•Avoid landfills: start freecycling
•Create a lifeline: for remote African villages with wind-up radio
•Sow the seeds of a green revolution: go guerrilla gardening
•Organise a fundraising event: speed dating for safer childbirth
•Get out of debt: join the church of Stop Shopping
•Fight child slavery: nibble on some fairtrade chocolate
•Influence the world’s media: become a blogger


For more information about the book click  here

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