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When you want to take SEO services for your business to have online presence, you should know that all SEO companies won’t work for you. Many SEO companies in the Industry fail because they won’t care to get updated and they will be doing the same things, they used to do since years. At the same time, the difficulty level and competition is another reason, for example, if there are 200 sites competing for a business related keyword then only 10 out of those 200 sites has opportunity to get in front of their targeted audience.

At the same time, most of the times, even the front page positions also won’t help better until or unless it is a niche where people try out 3 to 4 companies. According to best seo company in bangalore , almost 40 to 50% of the visitors only see the first position, 2nd position gets around 20%, 3rd position around 10% and 4th and 5th positions, share remaining percentage and very few percentage of less 2 or 5% will only see the sites which are under 6th position. So if getting on to first page among 200 competitors only is a difficult task, then imagine how much difficult to get into the top 5 spote? and more importantly the top 1 spot?

As the companies who have invested in SEO, don’t see any positive impact from the rankings, just stop taking the services further and choose to invest elsewhere. Even the difficult level of prediction of search according to best seo company pune is also one another reason why most of the SEO companies fail to deliver the results. Search Engine giants like Google always want to experiment and make the search more stricter for SEO in order to gain any rankings. All those things which used to work since the years were slowly being made to not work, Despite of all these difficulties, some of the good SEO companies still try to do their best in order to provide best value for the money invested by the client in the SEO.

Thus while choosing Search Engine Optimization services, you need to be very careful as first you need to understand and then take a decision of whether you should go for SEO or not?