8 Reasons to Consider Cremation for End-of-Life Arrangements

8 Reasons to Consider Cremation for End-of-Life Arrangements

Traditional burials are no longer the majority choice in the US. Since 2015,cremation has been the most popular end-of-life arrangement, and its popularity has continued to increase. The social norms concerning death have changed, which partly explains the shift, but there are many practical reasons behind the new preference for cremation.

1- Cost

The cost of a traditional funeral and burial is out of reach for many people of modest means. A funeral and cremation is significantly less. Also, a burial requires the purchase of a burial plot that can cost thousands of dollars. You can buy a plot for a cremation urn, but the cost is much less. Also, many people do not buy a plot for cremains, instead choosing to keep the urn at another location.

2- Family Plots

Some families purchased large plots years ago to accommodate numerous burials, but many of these have run out of room. Cemeteries may not be able to bury more caskets in that space but can place urns in the area.

3- Scarcity of Land

The nation is running out of land for burials in high-population areas. The idea of being buried on top of other long-ago corpses is not acceptable to most people. Also, there is no guarantee that future generations will not remove some cemeteries out of necessity. Cremation does not require the purchase of a burial plot.

4- Environmentally Friendly

In the U.S., embalming the bodies is the norm. This process relies on chemicals that eventually leach into the soil. Cremation does not adversely affect the environment. As mentioned above, it also does not require land to complete. For those who care about the environment, cremation is the obvious choice.

5- Mobility

Urns are easily moved, so people never have to leave their loved ones behind. Almost no one lives in the same place for their entire lives. Those who yearn to keep their dear ones near should consider cremation rather than burial. You can also keep an urn in your house or another special place significant to you or the deceased.

6- Decomposition

Decomposition is the ugly reality of burial. Bodies do not remain in a preserved state, and that fact can be upsetting. Cremation is a clean and practical end to a life well lived.

7- Special Destinations

Cremation allows the deceased some choice in where their remains end up. Some choose to have their ashes scattered in the ocean, on the family farm, or in some other meaningful location. Burial options are obviously limited.

8- Sharing

Families may choose to divide the ashes of a loved one so they can make their own choices on their final destination. One branch of the family may keep an urn on the mantelpiece while another has keepsake necklaces made with the ashes in a pendant. Cremation can prevent family discord.

Cremation is affordable and environmentally friendly. It gives families more options for final arrangements and allows for the deceased’s unique wishes to be honored. It’s the most popular choice for Americans and many others around the world.

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