8 Important Reasons to Give Experiences Over Material Gifts

8 Important Reasons to Give Experiences Over Material Gifts

Imagine yourself having the time of your life. Now imagine gifting someone else the time of their lives. You can. Forget about boring gifts. Instead, gift an experience that is perfect for all occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. Here are eight reasons you should put away the wrapping paper and give someone a fantastic experience they’ll remember for years.

1- They’re Unique Gifts

Without realizing it, you may end up giving similar gifts each year, simply because you know what someone likes. Step outside the norm with a gift that can’t be experienced every day.

2- Experience Gifts Can Be Personalized

You can personalize an experience just like a typical gift. You know what someone you love likes or needs. So, create an experience just for them. They’ll never forget it.

3- Spending Time Together

There’s no greater gift than time spent together. Experience gifts allow for that; you and the ones you love spending time together sharing and having fun. You’ll have the memories created by using the experience gift forever, and these memories will be something you’ll always have to treasure whereas most gifts are eventually discarded.

4- They’re Clutter-Free

Unless you’re gifting something you absolutely know someone wants and will use, there is a good chance that your gift will end up in a closet. Experiences don’t take up space in someone’s home the way material gifts do. They’re meant to be enjoyed in the moment.

5- You Can Gift an Experience That Won’t Be Returned

Buying a great gift takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, despite all the time you spend shopping for the perfect gift, there is always a chance that material gifts will be returned. Then there is the awkward exchange when they tell you, or when they go out of their way to make sure you don’t find out. With an experience gift, you don’t have to worry about that. All you need to do is make sure the recipient of your gift enjoys themselves. That’s it.

6- They’re Fun

Think of all the things you can do. Have a spa day, go skiing, attend a concert, go to a murder mystery theater, or get your anger out in arage room. It’s hard to come up with some type of experience gift that the recipient won’t love. Unwrapping gifts might even seem stale in comparison.

7- Photos and Souvenirs

Who says an experience can’t also be a material gift? You can take photos and make videos, and depending on the experience, you can take home souvenirs. When you’re done put the photos together with anything tangible from the experience = tickets, brochures, or the menu – in a scrapbook. It’ll make the perfect gift.

8- You’ll Make Memories That Last

Some material gifts are gone within a week. Others will be around a long time but take up space in a closet. Memories last a lifetime. Once you make amazing memories, you can go back to them again and again. That’s better than anything you can wrap.

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