Can Cleaning Products with Chemicals Damage Grills?

When it comes to cleaning your grill, using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners can do more harm than good. Cleaning products that contain certain types of chemicals can damage the finish and ultimately rust out a metal grill surface. These chemicals can also be toxic when heated, emitting fumes that may be hazardous for you, your family, and pets.

The following is a list of seven common types of cleaning products that contain chemicals and can damage your grill:

1. Bleach-Based Cleaners

Many all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, and stain removers contain bleach which can cause corrosion on metal surfaces.

2. Oven Cleaners

Oven cleaners contain caustic ingredients such as lye that can corrode metal surfaces. When heated, these caustic ingredients can also create hazardous fumes.

3. Acid-Based Cleaners

Acid-based cleaners often contain sulfuric, hydrochloric, and phosphoric acids which can damage the finish of a metal grill surface.

4. Abrasive Cleaners

Cleaning products that contain abrasives, such as scouring powders and steel wool pads, can scratch and ultimately damage the finish of a metal grill.

5. Petroleum-Based Cleaners

Petroleum-based cleaners, such as kerosene, diesel fuel, or motor oil can cause corrosion on metal surfaces.

6. Ammonia-Based Cleaners

Ammonia-based cleaners, such as glass cleaner or ammonia water, can damage metal surfaces. The fumes from ammonia can also be irritating and hazardous to humans and pets.

7. Paint Removers

Paint removers contain harsh chemicals that can corrode a metal grill surface. The chemicals in paint removers can also be hazardous if inhaled or ingested.

It’s important to be mindful of the cleaning products you use on your grill. Avoid using products that contain chemicals and abrasives as they can lead to corrosion, scratches, and rusting of the metal surface. Your best choice is to use a mild dish soap or specialized grilling cleaner designed for outdoor grills. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your grill will stay looking like new year after year!

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