4 Major Problems Squirrels Can Cause to a Home

4 Major Problems Squirrels Can Cause to a Home

Squirrels are small animals with cute long tails and fluffy little cheeks. They like living near people who want to feed them, and other even keep them as pets. Many people don’t realize that they can also be a nuisance to homeowners who have had damage done to their homes by furry creatures. They have a habit of nibbling on things you may not want them to eat, like your dryer vent or the electrical wires hanging behind the fridge. Knowing the damage squirrels can cause and what you can do about the problem is vital.

1. Property Damage

Squirrels are known to do some severe damage to people’s property. They are in the same family of rodents as rats and mice, so they are known to love chewing things that humans use for survival. They chew on wood, wires, and ductwork to create a home for themselves. They will chew their way into the attic or walls of houses to get through them. They will chew on switches, outlets, heating and cooling wires, and many other things that can harm humans. They tend to chew on wooden items because they contain softwood.

2. Fire Hazards

If there are any electrical wires in your attic or near your home, squirrels are known to chew on them. Many homeowners have reported problems with squirrels chewing on their heating and cooling wires, which can be dangerous for humans. The overheated appliance may fail and cause a fire destroying your home and everything in it. If you notice any chewed-up areas around your wiring or vents, call a professional squirrel removal service to come out and trap them before you end up with a fire in your home.

3. Lawn Damage

Squirrels love digging holes in lawns looking for nuts or other foods. They also like to dig up plants, flowers, and trees sometimes. They will even chew on tree bark and damage your plant roots. Squirrels are active during the day, so they are not sneaking around to do this damage. Their activity is very noticeable and annoying. You should always check the area before you plant something, just in case these furry creatures have been there before.

4. Tree Destruction

Squirrels love the succulent tree bark on many of the trees, especially if it is soft and chewy. They will chew up the tree to get at this yummy treat. Sometimes squirrels don’t make it through a whole tree, so they will leave behind large holes in the tree’s bark. Some species of squirrels haul their garbage to the ground and leave their droppings all over the land.

Taking care of the damage squirrels can cause to your home is essential. You should call a professional to inspect your home if you see anything unusual, like holes in the walls or chewed-up wires. It might be cheaper in the long run if you get any problems fixed immediately. Consider getting a trap and removing these furry pests before they dig up more trees or cause more property damage.

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