How Can I Help an Attorney Gather Medical Evidence for My Claim?

To support a personal injury claim, medical evidence is essential. You can help your attorney get the right records and reports to build a strong case. Here are five tips for getting the most important medical evidence:

1. Get Copies of All Relevant Medical Records in One Place

Make sure you give your lawyer all relevant documents, such as lab tests, imaging scans, and treatment plans. This will help your attorney quickly review the documents and determine what needs to be included in your claim.

2. Provide a Detailed Timeline of Events

It’s important to provide as much detail as possible about when you first started experiencing symptoms, how they evolved, and when you sought treatment.

3. Explain Any Missed Appointments

If you missed any doctor’s appointments, explain the reasons why so your attorney can make sure to include this information.

4. Keep Track of Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Make a list of all your out-of-pocket medical costs, such as co-pays, prescriptions and medical supplies paid for out of pocket.

5. Ask for a Doctor’s Opinion

If your attorney needs a better understanding of your condition, they may ask you to get an opinion from another physician. Make sure you get their statement in writing so it can be included as evidence in your claim.

By following these tips, you will be able to help your attorney gather the necessary medical evidence to prove your case. With a strong legal strategy and the right medical evidence, you can pursue the compensation that you deserve.

Speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer today to learn more about how you can prepare for your claim. Good luck!

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