5 Benefits of Using Infrared Inspections on a City Power System

5 Benefits of Using Infrared Inspections on a City Power System

Infrared inspections are a type of inspection that is used to find the path and aerial defects. They employ light in the infrared range, invisible to humans but visible to some cameras. Infrared inspections are commonly used with infrared cameras that detect IR light. An infrared inspection is performed similarly to other inspections but without contact between the inspector and the wires or equipment. Numerous benefits are given to cities that use Infrared inspections to monitor the upkeep of their power system.

1. Reduce Emergency Repairs

Many city power systems are inspected every year. However, infrared inspections can do more than check leaks and corrosion on the piping. It is used to find other problems, such as aging electric motors and transformers, corroded cables and wiring, loose insulators, and even live electrical wires. If the problem is found before a lightning strike occurs, your area will have fewer power outages. Evacuation zones are notified before an inspection is done.

2. Identify Potential Outage Causes

Inspections of city power systems can reveal more problems than just old wires and motors. They can also determine if a problem is caused by a foreign object, such as tree branches or squirrels, which can cause an electrical fire. To avoid future outages and fires, the things are removed right away. A damaged wire or a corroded connector can also be identified, which can help prevent more outages and fires in the future.

3. Locate Hotspots

If it is known that a particular area is inspected, further information is obtained. For example, a tree branch touching an overhead wire can create a short and outage by drawing excessive current. A spot where cables are not installed correctly or are subject to heavy vibration could also cause an outage.

4. Eliminate Safety Hazards

A tiny spark or even a low-voltage shock could cause an injury or death to those not expecting it. If a foreign object is found during an investigation, then it should be removed from its location immediately. The inspector can also identify safety hazards, such as fire hazards and broken insulators, so that maintenance is planned for the pipes in advance.

5. Improve Power Quality

A city power system assisted by an infrared inspection can provide power at higher voltages. It is essential because even the smallest leak can cause a voltage problem during peak hours. A bundle of wires needs to carry the required voltage, which means that all cables must be working correctly. It makes a regular infrared inspection necessary for each piece in a power plant.

Inspections are necessary to ensure city power systems are running safely and efficiently. Since it is a life-safety system, safety must always come first. If a city’s power system has problems, it could start to malfunction or cause a fire which can put people’s lives at risk. Knowing the issues of the electrical system will allow the technicians who work on them to find them out quickly and correct them before they become life-threatening disasters.

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