What are the immediate steps to take after a car accident?

According to recent reports,  it has been found out that more than 10 million truck and car accidents occur in the United States of America every year.  Being involved in a car accident,  whether a major one or a minor one,  can be a devastating experience. This is why it is important to be aware of the steps that you need to take immediately after facing an accident. The steps that you need to take after an accident begins at the scene where you first have to ensure everyone is safe. 

While we hope that you are never unlucky enough to meet with a car crash,  even if you do,  here is a step-by-step guide that you should keep in mind about what to do next. Apart from calling a La County car accident attorney,  here are the other steps that you should take. 

  • Remain at the scene of the accident

Don’t make the mistake of leaving the scene of the accident until it’s the right time to do so. In case you leave the accident site while someone has already sustained injuries or was killed, you might face severe penalties and criminal charges for being a hit-and-run driver. 

  • Check whether all passengers and drivers are safe

Before you determine the damage done to your property (which is your car), ensure everyone at the scene of the accident is safe. In case there is anyone who needs medical help, give a call to the ambulance or other medical authorities. If you find someone unconscious or with back or neck pain,  don’t move the person until there is qualified medical help around. Moving the person while he is unconscious can cause a serious hazard.

  • Inform the police

Whenever there is a note for the damage caused to your property, severe physical injury,  or death,  it is imperative that you give a call to the police and emergency Medical Services. Request a police report to be filed at the spot when the cops arrive at the scene. Don’t forget to take down the name and batch numbers of the officers who come for help. 

  •  Collect details

Collect details like phone numbers,  names,  addresses, license numbers of drivers, license plate numbers,  and general insurance details from all the drivers who were involved in the accident. In case there are co-passengers involved in the crash,  get their names,  addresses,  and phone numbers.  while you speak with other drivers,  try to maintain a cooperative and cordial tone. However,  make sure you never accept fault at the scene of the accident. If you do that,  you will be admitting legal liability for the accident. The insurance company of the other party will use this statement for their benefit. 

If anyone was injured in the accident due to the fault of someone else,  it is always a smart decision to consult an experienced personal injury attorney. He will maximize your recovery and defend you if you were at fault. 

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