IM Academy Plans More IM Beyond Events for 2023

As an online educational platform specializing in financial education, IM Academy focuses on providing students with flexible resources to pursue learning opportunities on their own schedule. However, as the Academy has developed these resources over its first decade, it’s continued to emphasize the importance of live mentorship. Co-founder and CEO Christopher Terry considers mentorship a fundamental component of education, even in an online format.

To facilitate live connection between educators and students, IM Academy offers GoLive online discussions. It also hosts live IM Beyond events around the world, with 2022 featuring events in Palm Beach, Florida; Barcelona, Spain; Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona; and Zurich. Following the success of these events, IM Academy has already planned several more conferences for 2023.

The first of these events, IM Beyond Rotterdam, Netherlands, is scheduled for March 16-19, and it will be followed by IM Elevate Orlando, Florida, on March 24-26, and IM Beyond Mexico City on April 21-23.

What Happens at IM Academy Events?

IM Academy events are designed to feature educational and networking opportunities, as well as recognize high-achieving independent business owners associated with the Academy. They also feature keynote addresses from IM Mastery Academy leaders, including Christopher Terry and CFO and co-founder Isis Terry.

In 2022, IM Academy launched several new academies and services. Its live events provided educators with opportunities to explain the new options available to independent business owners and students.

For example, IM Beyond Phoenix featured a roundtable discussion with Carolyn Boroden, an industry-leading analyst specializing in time-based financial market engagement strategies such as Fibonacci retracement. Boroden, known as the “Fibonacci Queen,” helped design IM Academy’s SFX Academy, which covers the stocks and futures markets and launched in September 2022. She explained that SFX educates students about stocks as well as exchange traded funds, which combine a basket of assets into a single unit that’s valued and exchanged just like an individual stock. These ETFs track indexes such as the S&P 500, sectors such as energy or tech, commodities such as wheat or oil, gold, and silver, currencies, or other assets. IM Academy students who sign up for SFX receive live mentorship and strategies for tracking and exchanging stocks and ETFs.

At other IM Beyond Events, students and independent business owners learned about additional new services launched in 2022, such as the TLX travel and lifestyle service. This service provides members with the opportunity to book hotels and resorts at discounted rates. TLX members can also sign up for themed trips that connect educators and other IM Academy students. A recent jaunt to Las Vegas featured a presentation on IM Academy’s new SMX Academy, which is dedicated to educating students on cultivating an influential personal brand on social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

For Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy events provide an opportunity to connect with others and share the philosophy that underlies the Academy’s approach to education. This philosophy stresses the importance of positive self-awareness in addition to an openness to mentorship and hard work when pursuing new projects and topics.

“It was amazing going through all the different events this past year — the summer tour in Europe, events in Arizona, Zurich, Dubai [United Arab Emirates], and Mexico. I literally was all over the place,” said Terry in a Facebook post celebrating the start of a new year. “Every time I am on stage and I look out into the crowd, I am re-inspired to do bigger and better things. We’re going to continue to move forward, progress forward, fine-tune things, and improve in all areas.”

What to Expect From IM Academy in 2023

Terry’s post signals IM Academy’s ambition to continue growing in the upcoming months following a year in which they launched five new academies and branched into new areas. In addition to SFX, TLX, and SMX, the Academy launched TBX, a time-based exchange academy that emphasizes an intraday technique known as scalping, as well as MMX, a mindset mastery academy grounded in live online mentorship.

IM Academy has also focused on its international scale. It offers its courses in several languages, including Spanish, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, and Mandarin. In 2022, Christopher Terry embarked on a European speaking tour that reached over 12 locations across the continent, connecting with students, educators, and independent business owners from around the world.

In addition to expanding its options and reaching more students, IM Academy has recently sought to provide more flexibility, launching the IMpowered+ bundle in January 2023. This bundle allows students to package two academies at a discounted rate.

As it enters its 10th year of operations, IM Academy seems set on continuing to grow in a variety of directions, building on a foundation of providing flexible online education without sacrificing opportunities for live mentorship and community building through in-person events.

Note: IM Mastery Academy is not an advisory or broker service. IM Mastery Academy provides online educational services only.

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