4 Low-Cost Ideas to Improve Your Store’s Curb Appeal in Winter

The winter months can be a slow time for retail, but you can still relax. It’s still important to keep your store looking its best, especially if you want to attract customers over the holidays. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on improving the curb appeal of your store, here are five affordable ways that you can make quick changes that will make a big difference:

1. Change Your Lighting and Clean Up Your Windows

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any business, but it’s especially important in winter when people look for warm places to go and shop. It also helps you avoid accidents and keeps your business safe from intruders. If your lights are dim or faded out, it’s time to change them out for new ones that will brighten up your windows and help draw attention from passersby. Ensure you have adequate security measures, but consider changing your outdoor light bulbs to make them brighter and more welcoming. Also, in winter, dirt accumulates on windows very quickly because of all the falling snow and ice that comes down during this season. Make sure that you clean off your windows every day, so they look nice and inviting at all times. You can even use squeegees or Windex wipes if you don’t want to use chemicals like vinegar or ammonia cleaners (which may damage paint jobs).

2. Add Greenery

Greenery is always pretty, but it’s especially important in the winter because it helps reduce the “colder” feeling of snow and ice. Adding some plants around your windows or doorways will make the space seem cozier and more inviting. You don’t have to spend much money on this type of improvement — just pick up some fake plants from a craft store or grocery store and use them around your location. Make sure there are no dead spots in your parking lot. If any parts of your parking lot aren’t well-lit or have dead spots where nothing grows, fix these problems immediately, so people don’t think about them when walking into your store.

3. Cut Down Dead Trees and Branches

With all the ice, snow, and freezing temperatures that winter brings, it’s not surprising that some dead trees are in your landscaping around your store. But if you leave them up too long, they can become an eyesore for customers walking by your business. Take them down and give yourself a boost this winter! Remove dead trees and branches, and trim back any plants that are too tall or thick for their location. Maintain the shape of hedges by clipping them frequently with pruning shears or hedge clippers. Rake up leaves and other debris from your property. This helps keep things looking tidy and reduces the mess when it rains.

4. Upgrade Your Signage and Landscaping

If you have a sign out front, consider changing it from plastic or metal to something more eye-catching, like wood or PVC board. If you don’t have a sign, consider getting one that includes your logo and contact information so customers can find you easily when driving by or early in the morning before you open for business. And if you haven’t invested in landscaping since last winter, now is the perfect time to do so! Planting new shrubs and trees will make your building look more inviting and help screen out any unsightly views from neighboring homes or businesses.

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