6 Simple Tips for Making Hosting During the Holidays Easier

6 Simple Tips for Making Hosting During the Holidays Easier

It is that time of year again: family, friends, and comfort food. And if hosting is not your forte or something you enjoy, this can make the holidays less enjoyable. Here are six ways to make hosting easier and more manageable during the holiday season so you can enjoy what matters most!

1. Plan Ahead

Planning means you can continue to buy, cook and store food to ensure your guests get a good meal. If you have already purchased and prepared food, this allows you to spend more time with your guests, which is always important in the holiday spirit! Shop early to get everything in one trip, so there is less physical and mental stress during preparation. Also, ensure there are enough place settings on hand for everyone coming. If you do not have extra place settings, consider purchasing a multi-use serving platter that is large enough to include all types of appetizers and normal dinner plates/bowls/mugs.

2. Prepare Your Space

Set the mood for your party by arranging tables and chairs in advance and preparing a bar area if needed. If you have little ones at home, making your space child-proof is key at this time of year; table decorations are also something to consider if you want your house to look festive but don’t want stray items laying about for eager hands!

3. Book a Cleaning Service

One of the best ways to make hosting during the holidays easier is to hire a professional cleaning service. Many companies offer flexible scheduling, eco-friendly products, and 24/7 service that can simplify your day and make hosting much less stressful. This way, you can have fun with your guests and not worry about a clean house when they leave.

4. Consider a Menu

You can either cook and freeze your holiday meal or prepare most of it a day or so ahead of time. Preparing a menu in advance will help you on your busiest day as well as help you save time during the party by serving only that which you’ve prepped ahead of time. Consider making only the dessert a day before your party if you choose.

5. Keep Your Guest List Small

If you enjoy or could be better at hosting, consider keeping your guest list small, especially if you have children at home. Having large groups of people in small spaces can be stressful for everyone involved and may be the most challenging part about hosting during the holidays for some families.

6. Use Colorful Displays

Decorating with colorful displays can make even the smallest home feel cheerful. You can use a hanging fruit basket and baskets of berries or a wire basket filled with fresh-cut flowers. Remember to include your table, so guests know where it is and that you’re also spreading some holiday cheer.

The holidays are meant for spreading cheer and sharing good times with family and friends. While hosting is a great way to do both, it can make the event stressful. Employing these six tips will make hosting easier so you can enjoy each holiday with your family and friends.

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